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A Full Moon in Pisces and much more…

Published: Saturday, August 26th August 2023

A Full Moon in Pisces brings sensitivity and a deeper understanding of otherwise tense and potentially confusing developments this week. Mars in Libra pushes for relationship-based action – but Mars would also like to pick a fight or two, so be careful. Uranus’s backward move could shake what’s stable but this shake may be necessary – and one you might not have brought yourself.


Until October 12, the planet of passion, drive and confrontation visits Libra‘s relationship-oriented sign.

Libra governs all one-to-one connections and is the sign of The Scales for a good reason. Libra strives to create balance. Therefore, while Mars is in Libra, we’re more conscious of our relationships – what works, what doesn’t and where effort is needed to make a necessary change.

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Until January 27, the planet of surprises, change, rebellion and innovation moves backward in Taurus. Uranus entered Taurus in 2018. Because Taurus is a sign that prefers stability, predictability and comfort, hosting the planet of unexpected developments and chaos has probably been no picnic.

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Retrograde Uranus wants you to face reality. It’s time to face anxieties and make necessary changes to become who you truly want to be.

Retrograde Uranus pushes you to look at life through a new lens, throw aside conventional wisdom, and release outdated and unhelpful views or beliefs.

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The Full Moon in Pisces‘s compassionate, creative and intuitive sign forms an intense link with Saturn. So, this potent lunar event promises to bring a lesson of some kind.

Money, your possessions, how many likes your social media posts receive – none of those matter. Pisces is ethereal, otherworldly, spiritual and represents something much deeper and more meaningful. So, be prepared to look past what’s superficial at what truly matters in life.

There is one big plus point to having Saturn involved with this Full Moon. Saturn is the planet of grounding, realism and practicality. When it blends its energies with Pisces’s imagination, you’re helped to see how to turn a dream or fantasy into something tangible.

I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, be safe and, above all, happy.

Best wishes