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Can Mercury’s backward move and a coming ‘storm’ help you?

Published: Friday, January 29th January 2021

A storm, once it has passed, can clear the air and set the scene for something more pleasing, comfortable, refreshing and inspiring. A Sun/Mars connection, along with Mercury’s backward move, promise a time of reflection and necessary improvements.


Boo. Hiss. Those can be two reactions to the planet of communication’s backward movement, perhaps along with a hand to a forehead and the words, ‘oh no’ said despairingly. Until February 21, Mercury becomes weakened for the first of three periods this year.

Misunderstandings, travel delays, computer crashes, lost mail or data are likely occurrences while the ‘winged planet’ or ‘cosmic messenger’ snoozes.

But this is also a time of review for you. You’re urged to take stock of where you’ve delayed taking action. You can identify where overdue improvements are necessary. Mercury moves backward in Aquarius. To confirm how this affects you personally, click or tap here.


With most storms, we know they’re coming. In your world, a storm is brewing. But it’s one you’re prepared for. So, don’t be concerned about its strength or the likelihood of being blown ‘off course.’

Once it’s out of the way, you’ll feel safer and stronger. You’re also about to understand why you don’t have to keep going to great lengths to please others, too.

The one person who truly deserves the effort you’re prepared to give is you. It’s time to refocus on your needs. You can discover how this event affects you personally here.

The ‘storm’ coming your way might be one in a proverbial teacup. But don’t underestimate its far-reaching strength.

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I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, stay safe, and be happy.

Best wishes