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Aries Full Moon: Hold on to your hat…

Published: Saturday, October 16th October 2021

An Aries Full Moon forms only part of this week’s pivotal and potentially intense story.

But once certain planets awaken and start getting back into the swing of things, we’ll do the same – and see progress where we’ve wanted it!


Since June 20, Jupiter, the planet of luck, optimism, and expansion, has moved backward.

Mercury started its third and final retrograde phase on September 27.

Jupiter and Mercury join Pluto and Saturn with awakening from months-long slumbers. Soon, Neptune will do the same.

So, as 2021 draws to a close, you can hear the celestial orchestra getting ready for the show. Much that has been dormant and stagnant during recent months is coming to life.

But where Jupiter and Mercury are concerned, expect two things. Jupiter is in Aquarius. So, you have a chance to try again, make an improvement and feel your optimism shift in whatever area of your chart Aquarius represents.

Mercury’s change of direction means clarity and understanding are coming. So, prepare to feel less confused and confirm where you stand with something or someone.

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Aries can be impatient, determined, and passionate but sometimes aggressive and confrontational. Mars rules Aries. Think of Mars as Russell Crowe’s character in the film ‘Gladiator.’

So, an Aries Full Moon will be intense. But the Full Moon also links uncomfortably with Mars and Pluto – the two most explosive planets.

So, something brewing since the New Moon on October 6 is about to come to a head. It’s likely to do so in a touchy or heated, way too. But that might be necessary to clear the air or bring a necessary fresh start.

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I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, be safe, and happy.

Best wishes