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Banish a fear and get lucky!

Published: Saturday, May 21st May 2022

To banish a fear this week, you may need to dig a little bit deep for courage. But that’s where Mars comes in.

So, make the most of the brilliant, positive, transformational, clarifying and reassuring energy in the air this week!


You can make something special happen, but there’s a catch. You must be willing to face and abandon a fear.

That might sound more difficult than it’s likely to be. However, a long-standing fear’s days are numbered if you use Mars’s determination to conquer it. To banish a fear of whatever-it-is, make the most of this unusual support to rise about it – and show it who’s boss!

Mars and Pluto are also passionate, intense planets. They make sexual energy enticing, with a hint of urgency, danger and mystery. So, if those qualities interest you in a relationship or intimacy-wise, you could like the vibe Mars and Pluto create!

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Ah, here we have one of the most wonderful and luckiest astrological aspects!

The Sun fuels Jupiter’s optimism, desire to learn and ability to bring luck. If you believe in fate and that luck can manifest unexpectedly, then, well, you’re in luck!

But if you believe luck is entirely self-created, seize the brilliant cosmic support available to you.

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The planet of love and comfort connects with the planet of seriousness and responsibility. So, your attitude toward love or a special relationship is likely to involve a stronger need for companionship, reassurance and stability.

A Venus/Saturn connection hates romantic flings or one-night stands. So, you might want reassurance that a partner is ‘in it for the long haul’. You could feel strongly about embarking upon a new relationship only if the words ‘long term’ are crystal clear if you’re single.

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I wish you a successful, memorable week.

Until next week, take care, stay safe, and be happy.

Best wishes