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Born on ‘the Cusp’?

Published: Wednesday, April 4th April 2018

The ‘cusp’ refers to the point where one Sun Sign ends, and another begins. Being ‘born on the cusp’ – or near the end or start of a sign – can be confusing. This is also made confusing by people who believe Zodiac signs change consistently at midnight on specific dates.

It’s essential to know the moment someone entered this world to determine precisely what sign they belong to.

Contrary to popular belief, each of us belongs to one Sun Sign and one Sun Sign only. There is no ‘middle ground.’

Those born on the cusp are sometimes in for a surprise – or a shock!

Let’s assume someone was born on the 20th of January. Early in life, they discovered the previous sign of Capricorn ends on the 19th of January and Aquarius begins on the 20th. Therefore, this led them to believe, understandably, they are an Aquarian.

However, from year to year, start and end dates of each sign can vary by up to several hours. Therefore, if our person was born on the 20th of January at 06.00, but the Sun didn’t enter Aquarius until 20.00, then they’re a Capricorn. I’ve met people who have been surprised, delighted and disappointed to discover they weren’t the Sun Sign they believed themselves to be all of their lives.

Born on the cusp and unsure what Sun Sign you belong to?

If you were born on the cusp or are unsure what Sun Sign you belong to, then you can find out, easily and free of charge. Simply download the free sample of my Soul Profile Astrology Report.

If your report confirms you’re the Sun Sign you believed you are, then fantastic. However, if not, then don’t panic. First, read what I have to say about your newly-discovered Sun Sign at Sun Signs Explained. You’ll discover much starts to make sense to you.

It’s also possible you have identified closely with the sign you thought you were because it might be your Moon, Mars or Venus Sign – or all three! A free horoscope chart report will also help to confirm this.

There’s only one YOU!

In any case, have faith in the fact that, while there are as many different ‘types’ of each sign as there are brands of chocolate, you belong to one sign only and are, and always be, unique!

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