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Capricorn Stellium: This week’s big event affecting you…

Published: Saturday, February 19th February 2022

A Capricorn Stellium is big news. This event doesn’t happen often and could ensure what transpires this week is both pivotal and memorable. Something may never be the same again but for many welcome and timely reasons!


We all ignore our intuition sometimes, despite knowing it tells the truth. Somewhere in your world now, truth is emerging.

Therefore, you can’t ignore what you feel about a person or situation. It’s probably fair to say you want  facts before taking any action. In other words, you’d prefer to base a decision on logic rather than a hunch.

However, you can and should trust what you feel. Acknowledge and respect what a hunch tells you. So, when the truth does emerge, you will be able to say confidently and honestly that you knew it already.

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A stellium involves three planets gathering closely in one astrological sign. For several months, Venus, Mars, and Pluto have formed a powerful trio in Capricorn.

Not only do these three huddle extra-closely now, but the Moon and Vesta join them. (Vesta is an asteroid representing devotion, sacrifice, commitment, and domestic balance.)

Therefore, serious, far-reaching transformation occurs in the area Capricorn represents in your horoscope chart. (A free Future Destiny Reading confirms this and so much more!)

But here’s a quick overview of how the Capricorn Stellium will likely affect each Sun Sign:


What will transform? Your status in others’ eyes, career/’true calling’ in life, dealings with authority figures such as bosses or managers.


What will transform? Distant horizons, connection with faraway places/people, higher learning, inspiring ideas, your vision of the future, philosophies, and beliefs.


What will transform? Deep sharing/intimacy, joint finances/investments, your attitude toward birth and death, and self-analysis.


What will transform? Relationships (or one connection), commitments, partnerships, companions, contracts, and enemies.


What will transform? Work, daily routines, health, habits, self-improvement, and service to others.


What will transform? Love, romance, having fun, spontaneity, pleasure, creativity, a child, risk-taking, and self-expression.


What will transform? Family, home, emotional security, emotional foundations, attitude toward family and ancestors.


What will transform? Your immediate environment, how you absorb and process information, how you communicate.


What will transform? Money, earned income, possessions, values, valuables, confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem.


What will transform? Personal appearance, body, image, personality, taking charge of your life, becoming more independent/’standing on your own two feet.’


What will transform? Fantasies, inner peace, escapism/seclusion, secrecy, and spiritual attitudes/beliefs.


What will transform? Friendships, social scene, group efforts, teamwork, and important long-term goals.

I wish you a successful, memorable week.

Until next week, take care, stay safe, and be happy.

Best wishes