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Chiron: Healing Your Deepest Wound

Published: Wednesday, April 18th April 2018

Chiron is a comet with a unique and erratic orbit. In a natal astrology chart, it is the ‘wounded healer.’ Therefore, it represents our deepest wound, and efforts to heal it. Chiron was named after the Centaur in Greek mythology who was a healer and teacher who, ironically, could not heal himself. However, that’s a long story.

On April 17 2018, and until April 14 2027, this ‘minor planet’ departs Pisces and moves into Aries. So it can be said a new era of healing has commenced for us all from anger, violence, and self-hatred. Chiron re-enters Pisces briefly later this year. He spends a few months in Taurus before finally moving out of Aries in 2027. So, as far as his efforts in Aries are concerned, he’s ‘in it’ for the long haul.

First of all, it would be helpful to understand your Chiron sign to reveal your ‘core wound’ in this lifetime. This will also reveal your lifetime mission is to address and resolve it. To confirm where it appears in your personal chart, simply click here. Additionally, I outline Chiron’s influence in each sign below.

But Chiron isn’t all about accepting and resolving pain. Its placement signifies wisdom we gain and pass on to others. Therefore, its symbol is shaped like a key. We ‘unlock’ its powers to find deep, inner peace.

While in Pisces, it helped us to surrender to our pain and find a higher meaning in our suffering. While in Aries, we’ll feel motivated to finally address our ‘wound’ and take personal ownership not only of it, but for healing it.

It takes the comet approximately 49 years to work its way through all twelve zodiac signs. Therefore, we experience a ‘Chiron Return’ or a return to the sign it occupied when we were born, near our 50th birthday. This coincides with our attention brought back to deep, personal issues, we didn’t address previously. Alternatively, it’s possible we’ve addressed and resolved any issue(s) and can share our wisdom with others.

Chiron in Aries: April 2018 – April 2027

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. Therefore, it stands for ‘I Am Me, Myself and I’. It represents our sense of ‘self.’ While in Aries, Chiron will focus on and work its magic with wounds related to our identity and personal make-up that take longest to heal. While Aries is all about ‘self’, Chiron is the benevolent ‘giver.’ Therefore, from now until 2027 – and hopefully beyond – we must use  passion, anger, competitiveness, courageousness and self-confidence to achieve something collectively.

All of the above can be focused constructively to bring far-reaching improvements globally. An ‘enough is enough’ attitude will likely increase and strengthen throughout the world. As a result, this can bring us together and an end to pain and suffering we might have been powerless to change as individuals.

Chiron In Your Chart: Your Deepest Wound and Remarkable Gift

To confirm Chiron’s placement in your personal horoscope chart, get your free chart here.

Chiron in First House (or Aries):

Wounds: Anger, arrogance, confrontational, defiance, impulsiveness, selfishness, stubbornness.

Healing Focus: Embracing your individuality, learning to focus anger creatively and selflessly, fearless individuality, being positively independent.

Chiron in Second House (or Taurus):

Wounds: Fear of change, laziness, materialistic, possessiveness, self-indulgence, stubbornness.

Healing Focus: Creating harmony, responsible attitude toward money and saving, embracing change, proactvity, greater flexibility.

Chiron in Third House (or Gemini):

Wounds: Anxiousness, inconsistency, indecisiveness, lack of direction, sibling rivalry, superficiality

Healing Focus: Calmer approach to learning, perfecting communication, patience with communicating and conveying ideas, having more faith in ideas and visions to pursue them thoroughly.

Chiron in Fourth House (or Cancer):

Wounds: Clinginess, home or family-based anxiety, moodiness, overemotional, pessimism, suspiciousness.

Healing Focus: Creating a safer/comfortable home, improving family connections (particularly with your mother), more positive attitude toward eating/nutrition, being more trusting.

Chiron in Fifth House (or Leo):

Wounds: Arrogance, dominance, egotism, headstrong, impatience, need for validation, attention and approval, possessiveness

Healing Focus: ‘Sharing the load,’ enhanced self-expression, light-heartedness, using artistic talents for the ‘greater good.’

Chiron in Sixth House (or Virgo):

Wounds: Conservatism, fastidiousness, fussiness, harshness, hypochondria, judgmental, overcritical.

Healing Focus: Enhanced altruistic approach to assisting and supporting others, sharing wisdom, becoming less intolerant of ourselves and others.

Chiron in Seventh House (or Libra):

Wounds: Detachment, indecisiveness, laziness, romanticizing, superficiality, uncommitted.

Healing Focus: Creating and strengthening peaceful and harmonious communication, greater diplomacy, bringing more beauty to the world, more heartwarming experiences.

Chiron in Eighth House (or Scorpio):

Wounds: Jealousy, manipulation, obsession, power struggles, resentfulness, secrecy.

Healing Focus: Sexual healing, personal transformation, assisting and supporting others through ‘life transition’, such as births and deaths.

Chiron in Ninth House (or Sagittarius):

Wounds: Arrogance, carelessness, impatience, inconsistency, over-confidence, tactlessness.

Healing Focus: Discovering and sharing ‘higher truths,’ greater sense of compassion, encouraging diversity and inclusivity, adopting more lighthearted attitudes.

Chiron in Tenth House (or Capricorn):

Wounds: Over-ambitiousness, pessimism, shyness, status fixation, stubbornness.

Healing Focus: Leadership by example, bringing structure to what’s chaotic or rudderless, greater environmental consciousness, assisting and supporting others’ career aspirations.

Chiron in Eleventh House (or Aquarius):

Wounds: Aloofness, detachment, extremism, inconsistency, rebelliousness, stubbornness, unpredictability.

Healing Focus: Enhancing social justice and activism, learning for the advancement of all, greater willingness to explore the unexplored.

Chiron in Twelfth House (or Pisces):

Wounds: Addiction, escapism, idealism/denial, laziness, over-sensitivity, pessimism.

Healing Focus: Helping others to apply their imaginations to push boundaries and increase self-belief/self-awareness, enhanced spiritual connections, connecting with psychic/metaphysical abilities, helping others to achieve fantasies.