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A Dramatic End to August

Published: Wednesday, August 8th August 2018

The Sun’s work in Leo is done for this year, and we’re now in Virgo territory. The Sun shifts its focus from any kind of attention-seeking activity to encouraging a calmer period until September 22. Expect to feel pushed to improve yourself, especially in a health-related way. To find out for free what Virgo represents in your personal chart, click here.


The Virgo Sun doesn’t waste time as it forms part of the spectacular Grand Trine on Saturday August 25, along with Saturn and Uranus. This is the only formation of these three during 2018. For many of us, there will be a financial or monetary angle to what we’re dealing with, given that the three signs that affect material status – Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn – are involved. However,  we’ll be enlightened in some way and see a situation realistically. This can push us to bring a change where one is needed.


Then, on Sunday August 26, we have the Full Moon in Pisces. Even if you don’t see yourself as creative, imaginative or spiritual, you could be surprised at how the poet within you becomes released. You could also be aware of how inspiring, and attainable some deeply-held dreams and desires become once they’re brought into the open. We’re encouraged to be more open-minded, but must keep a careful watch on overindulgence or being too idealistic.

We could be so excited by some ideas that we don’t consider bigger pictures. We might also be unrealistic about what we want – or promise.

Also, alcohol tends to have a more powerful effect during Full Moons. With the dreamy and overindulgent qualities of Pisces involved, a little will go a long way. Your alcoholic tolerance levels might not be what they usually are.

To find out for free what Pisces represents in your personal chart, click here.


On Sunday August 26, we also have Venus and Pluto on unfriendly terms. This duo will bring into the open anything connected with love or relationships that we’ve been viewing unrealistically. It could also bring a secret into the open that affects the future of a relationship. Love is wonderful when everything is hunky dory, but we must also be prepared to look deep into the shadows for answers sometimes. We are all encouraged to see certain relationships – or one in particular – in a more realistic and truthful light. To see what the future holds for you in your love life, click here.