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W/C 29 October 2018: Feeling Optimistic?

Published: Monday, October 29th October 2018

At a time when darkness starts to overtake light in much of the world, we can all experience something bright during coming days. Below are this week’s most important developments…


Here we have Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion connecting with Mercury, the planet of communication and ideas. This powerful aspect suggests two things. The first involves a need on your part to learn a particular lesson, understand something that is implied or suggested and change your expectation about a particular outcome.

The second thing to consider is the best, most practical step toward a more satisfying and reassuring future. You are at risk of seeing only a few options available to you when, in truth, you have plenty to consider.

As soon as you open your mind and accept that you have more than one choice regarding where you go from here, you will spot opportunities you missed before. Before making a final decision, be sure to double check you haven’t overlooked something. Taking time to reassess your priorities and direction could lead to a valuable discovery.

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Mercury enters Sagittarius, making us prone to creating an imbalance between the need to focus intently at the finer details of any idea or plan and the ‘bigger picture.’

If we get so caught up with minutiae, then we’ll fail to see something accurately – and in the broader sense it needs to be seen in. Nevertheless, during the coming weeks, you can expect to gain a fresh perspective on at least one old matter. A revelation of some kind is in store.


On what is considered one of the darkest, most sinister days of the year, we experience a ray of hope in some way. Indecision, uncertainty and possibly denial are replaced with a genuine reason to feel happier and more optimistic. Avoid any tendency to focus intently on immediate dramas and focus instead on the very clear and tangible reasons you have to feel optimistic.

A development you yearn to see happen is genuinely attainable. Perhaps, all you need is a glimmer of hope to prove this to you and spur you on to attain or achieve it.

Life-changing opportunities are always available – but we spot only a few of them. Detailed and personal insight into your future can be yours by simply clicking here!

I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week…

Best wishes

Jeff's Signature