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The Full Moon Total Eclipse: 31.01.18

Published: Wednesday, January 31st January 2018

I was asked by the Daily Express in the UK on 31 January 2018 to provide some insight into the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse. My thoughts and summary for each Zodiac sign appear below.

If we thought we had an accurate measure of certain situations, the Eclipse could reveal how wrong we were, but in helpful – and potentially delightful – ways. Eclipses are the most powerful and far-reaching astrological events. They tend to bring into the open what has been suppressed or ignored. Today’s Eclipse in the sign of Leo will reveal that more hope exists within certain situations or arrangements we believed offered little in the way of hope!

ARIES: Some healing can happen between you and a certain person. It could be time to let bygones be bygones, and this could be connected with affairs of the heart. Improving a connection will involve accepting a difficult change, but the reward for doing so will be far-reaching and worth it!

TAURUS: The Eclipse focuses its energy on your ‘emotional foundations,’ and this could involve something connected with your home or family. However, it’s important to recognise a storm in a teacup when you see one. A matter might require you to handle it sensitively, but an improvement can happen with a family member or domestic set-up if you can keep emotions in check!

GEMINI: Someone’s words could carry considerable clout and possibly touch a raw nerve with you. It’s also possible your mind could be cast to the past, resulting in an uncomfortable stroll down Memory Lane. However, all of this points to removing yourself from a tired, tedious situation or arrangement that you’ve wanted to shake for some time. You’ve wanted to see progress that hasn’t been forthcoming so far. That’s about to change now.

CANCER: Money matters could preoccupy your thoughts, especially as the Eclipse focuses its energy on your earnings. However, any concerns you have about your bank balance could be connected to deeper issues surrounding your confidence or self-worth. In any case, a need exists to improve and strengthen your financial position. A boost to your confidence might encourage you to explore new possibilities you hadn’t considered!

LEO: Today’s Eclipse occurs in your sign. If you’re a rare Leo who hasn’t sensed powerful change has been brewing in the background for some time, then coming events could reveal how far-reaching and transformational the change coming your way is. For some Leos, this could involve a significant change in appearance, but it’s the way hope is revived in a particular way that will be most powerful.

VIRGO: The Eclipse could bring you back to Earth with a bit of a bump, but in a necessary and timely way. The saying about being able only to please some people some of the time, and not everyone all of the time comes to mind. You could be going to greater lengths than are necessary to please or placate others. This might be due to you having unrealistic ideas of what they need and what you’re responsible for providing. A ‘reality check’ is in store. It’s time to see at least one arrangement or commitment more realistically.

LIBRA: You’re a clever so-and-so. You know it. Others know it, too. However, it appears you could do with a bit more acknowledgment of your dedication, commitment, and effort in at least one area and that’s something the Eclipse intends to assist with. A bit of praise will go a long way, and with your confidence boosted as a result, you’d be wise to set your sights higher and see what else you’re capable of!

SCORPIO: The Eclipse focus its energy on your career and status in the eyes of others. You might be required to ‘think on your feet’ or react swiftly to an opportunity, but have a real chance to shine and impress others by doing so. If someone suspected you were ‘the right person for the job’ in some way, then they’re about to be proved correct!

SAGITTARIUS: The Eclipse enhances your vision of the future, and you could be surprised at how certain plans that mattered greatly to you at one are replaced by new interests and pursuits. ‘Broadening your mind’ is increasingly important now, with study and travel particularly highlighted. You want to fill your mind with more intellectual and possibly spiritual pursuits, and coming events will help you to do so.

CAPRICORN: The Eclipse highlights the arrival of money that comes from sources other than earnings, or a new financial strategy implemented. It also highlights healing or a significant improvement in a ‘balance of power.’ For some time, you have felt a certain person has had too much of an ‘upper hand’ with an arrangement you wished was more equitable. Feeling a bit more appreciated and less beholden to them will work wonders for your confidence.

AQUARIUS: The Eclipse highlights partnerships and commitments. If you’ve seen one relationship in an unrealistic light, then that could become clear now, or shortly. A fresh start and new chapter are about to commence with one connection, bringing a sense of relief and new-found clarity. Removing rose-tinted glasses where one involvement is concerned is both helpful and timely.

PISCES: A powerful and far-reaching change is connected with your daily routine. If your New Year resolutions to get fitter or healthier didn’t get off to a good start, then embarking upon a new health-related regime now could prove surprisingly easier. A change could also occur with work, and if you feel your imagination or creativity haven’t been applied in ways you wish they were, then a chance to apply both in a new work setting – or with a potentially lucrative project – could present itself.


Photo Credit: NASA/Rami Daud