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Mars in Cancer: Passionately Protective

Published: Saturday, March 25th March 2023

Mars in Cancer brings a different kind of energy to the long, eight-month spell of Mars in Gemini. Expect passionate energy to be aimed at forming and strengthening ties with your home, family or both.


The planet of aggression, competition and passion enters the sensitive sign of Cancer for a two-month visit. Mars wears hobnail boots and likes to kick in the door of any sign it visits. However, Cancer will have none of it.

Yes, people born under the Sign of the Crab are sensitive, compassionate and caregiving. But make no mistake, they’re not pushovers. Those crab claws exist for a good reason and are used without hesitation if anyone upsets or, even worse, hurts somebody close to them.

But while Mars is in Cancer, you can expect to become more protective of your home and clan. Emotions could get heightened, and you might be more prone to defend whatever or whoever you’re emotionally invested in. To confirm what Cancer represents in your horoscope chart and where you can experience a surge of passionate energy, click or tap here.


Mercury is the planet of communication, among many things. Jupiter is the amplifier or “exaggerator” of the Zodiac. So, put these two together, and you can expect what you say to carry considerably more clout. This is also because the planets connect in Aries’s passionate, make-it-happen-now sign.

So, if you have something to say to an individual or a crowd, this is the time to do it. Enthusiasm sells, and whatever message you want to make verbally or possibly via social media could be received louder and more clearly than you thought. This might also have something to do with optimism and belief that supports it.

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The planet of love and the planet of sudden, unexpected change unite in the sensual, creative sign of Taurus. So, a surprise development connected with love, money or something artistic is likely. But much depends on what Taurus represents in your horoscope chart. As always, you can confirm that for free here.

However, there is something spontaneous and maybe rebellious about what occurs. This event will likely be fleeting and possibly more about immediate gratification or an instant thrill than anything long-term.

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I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, be safe and happy.

Best wishes