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Mars in Taurus: Ready for passionate, sensual surprises?

Published: Saturday, July 2nd July 2022

Mars in Taurus is, well, a bit like a bull in a china shop! Taurus energy (apart from when the equivalent of a red flag is waved) is laid-back, very ‘que sera sera.’

Mars energy is the polar opposite. But Mars could bring the proverbial rocket or boot to our posterior we need!


Since May 24, Mars has been very happy in its Aries home. Until August 20, while in Taurus, Mars must try to calm down, relax and dial back its make-things-happen-now energy.

There are benefits to having the planet of passionate energy in a sign representing all things sexy and sensual. But the only snag with Mars in Taurus involves Uranus – also in Taurus!

Having the planet of sudden change so close to the planet of raw, crude energy means you can expect surprising developments. These relate particularly to the area Taurus represents in your horoscope chart.

But between now and August 20, you’ll break free from outdated or restrictive situations, too.

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Until July 19, mental, mindful Mercury whizzes through the nurturing, protective sign of Cancer.

Mercury rules thoughts, ideas, and how you communicate. Cancer is all about feelings. So, Mercury will help you understand and express emotions while in Cancer’s sentimental, sensitive sign.

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Where something you’ve been in two minds about doing is concerned, a conversation between Mercury and Mars would go something like this:

Mars: “So, are we doing this or what?”
Mercury: “Yeah, eventually. I just need to think about it a bit more.”
Mars: “Well, I’m tired of waiting. You’ve got the ideas and strategies, I bring the muscle. Together, we can stop this fence-sitting and bring the vision to fruition!”

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I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, stay safe be happy.

Best wishes