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New Moon in Capricorn: Ready, steady…go!

Published: Saturday, December 17th December 2022

A New Moon in Capricorn tends to heighten ambitions and bring at least one inspiring or pleasing development where an important goal or career-related progress are concerned.

Yes, we can be a bit more cautious, serious, and grounded than we normally are. But those qualities tend to be essential ingredients for the recipe of success!


This is big news. When the planet of luck, optimism and learning changes signs, much changes with it.

Having said that, Jupiter entering Aries is also old news. Jupiter ground its way into Aries back in May and left in October. So, you have experienced this energy already and recently.

Jupiter remains in Aries until May. How Jupiter in Aries affects you personally depends on what Aries represents in your horoscope chart. As always, you can find out for free here.

But you can expect to become:

Fed up with restrictions and decide to see what happens if you make an effort without them
Uninterested in making detailed plans and choose instead to take an idea and run with it
Less interested in learning from others and prefer to teach yourself
More impatient and not bothered about getting others’ backs up
Aware of control you now have and invest more faith in your ability to make your own luck.

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Getting back to the topic of planning, Capricorn loves plans. Plans are what disciplined, responsible people make. Because throwing caution to the wind is reckless, right?

This New Moon in Capricorn links to…Jupiter in Aries! So, it would be nice to have a new chapter commencing calmly in whatever Capricorn represents in your chart. But that’s unlikely to happen.

There is a strong sense of urgency with this new beginning. You might feel thrown in a deep end. You’d probably prefer to think through what you’re about to start. However, there’s no time for that.

Something needs to happen faster than you thought. But sometimes, it’s not until we see how we cope with a sudden challenge that we impress ourselves – and others.

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I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, be safe and above all, happy.

Best wishes