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Pisces New Moon: Time to heal past wounds

Published: Saturday, February 26th February 2022

A Pisces New Moon brings relief to otherwise powerful and potentially tense aspects this week.

It could become clear in more ways than one that sensitivity and compassion will always be more effective than aggression or confrontation.

Passion looks for positive outlets this week. You can play your part in helping it find it in ways that benefit you – and others.


You could be aware of how you might have been too quick to reject something – or someone – you previously felt able to accept. So, you might doubt a recent decision or believe yourself to be illogical, impractical, or inconsistent.

But you have reached a turning point regarding a situation or an individual. This, as you’ll soon see, is positive and worth celebrating.

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A New Moon in Pisces inspires you to imagine the future you want. It’s time to have faith in your ability to turn a fantasy into something real.

You also have a chance to heal an emotional wound or two. This will involve looking backward at past regrets, insecurities, doubts, or disappointments.

However, some private pondering or moments of solitude can help you reconnect with yourself and finally address lingering, emotional wounds.

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Can you feel pressure mounting? This powerful, potentially explosive energy could be tricky to ignore and dangerous if applied negatively. It could be easy to come across as domineering or aggressive. This connection likes to encourage nastiness, teasing, and bullying.

However, the good news is you can harness it to pursue something you feel passionate about. So, blend endurance and strength to bring a significant change to your world.

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I wish you a successful, memorable week.

Until next week, take care, stay safe, and be happy.

Best wishes