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Sept 10 -13: Enlightenment awaits…

Published: Monday, September 10th September 2018

Welcome to a very revealing and potentially pivotal week!

SEPTEMBER 10th, 2018

Mars entered Aquarius back in May, was retrograde during the summer and retreated into Capricorn. On Monday, it re-enters Aquarius. Cast your mind back to what felt frustrating or what all the effort you could summon wouldn’t change. Once Mars is back in Aquarius, you’ll gain a clear idea of what its too-ing and fro-ing was all about. Something is about to become easier, but you’ll also be aware of where effort needs to be applied. To find out what Mars, Capricorn, and Aquarius represent in your personal horoscope chart, click here.

SEPTEMBER 12th, 2018

Venus, the planet of love, comfort and creativity is at an early stage of its journey in Scorpio. Uranus, the planet of surprises and revolution is at an early part of its journey in Taurus. On Wednesday, Venus and Uranus oppose each other and this transit that normally lasts a few days will last until early December.

Are you aware of your heart beating faster? Are you also aware of what’s making you feel restless or causing a bit more tension in your world than you wish there was? Your attitude toward relationships or one, in particular, is about to change. Indecision, uncertainty, and denial can no longer play a part in your closest connections.

Avoid focusing intently on dramas. Focus instead on a much bigger picture. This includes the development you yearn to see happen in your emotional world. Keep reaching for it because it is genuinely attainable. To find out what Venus and Uranus represent in your personal horoscope chart, click here.

SEPTEMBER 13th, 2018

Oppositions and more oppositions! On Thursday, Mercury, the planet of communication, ideas, commerce, and travel opposes Neptune, the planet of dreams and inspiration.

Even if someone is less than honest with you, it’s important you’re honest with yourself. Even if someone is very persuasive and encouraging you to reconsider your options in some way, be aware of how you might end up kidding yourself. Make a decision based on what you know to be real, solid and safe. Click here to discover the important roles Mercury and Neptune play in your personal horoscope chart.

Until next week…

Best wishes