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Sun Squares Saturn: It’s time to take the plunge…

Published: Saturday, May 1st May 2021

Apart from how the Sun squares Saturn, the coming week is quiet, event-wise.

But that can be helpful. It gives us a chance to sit comfortably in the ‘driver’s seat’ for a change.


Imagine standing on the edge of a high diving board, peering down to the water below. You’re afraid to take the plunge.

Imagine as well that a queue of people wait for you to make up your mind about what you’re going to do.

That analogy could sum up a situation in your world. As the Sun squares up to Saturn, you’re under pressure in some way to take action or make a decision.

But it’s important that you are pressured in the way you are. Otherwise, you might not make the decision or move you need to make.

It’s time to shake off apathy and seize a valuable opportunity. Like most opportunities, yours might be hidden within a perceived problem. But you can trust that what’s on offer is genuine.

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The planet of thinking, communication, commerce, and travel is very much at home in Gemini. But it enjoys an extended stay on this occasion. As it’s about to move into Cancer, it goes retrograde on the 29th. It dozes until June 22, when it moves forward again. It then leaves Gemini for Cancer on July 11.

You’re likely to find communication improves or becomes easier, particularly before it goes retrograde. You could also have one flash of brilliance after another.

But ideas could come so thick and fast that it’s impossible to pursue them all. Make a note of the ones that stand out, though, because they’ll hold real potential.

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I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, be safe, and happy.

Best wishes