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Venus Retrograde in Scorpio: Something to fear or embrace?

Published: Sunday, September 30th September 2018

On October 5 2018, Venus, the planet of love, comfort, money, and creativity, commences an illusional backward movement until November 16.

Our love life and relationships are in the front line for reassessment and review during this period. However, there’s more to Venus retrograde than a re-evaluation of our closest connections.

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Venus starts moving backward in Scorpio. Scorpio represents what’s hidden, concealed and taboo. This includes anything you were told not to discuss at the dinner table when you were younger.

So, we have Venus working its way – in a weakened state – through the zodiac’s darkest, most mysterious and intense sign. Venus will do this until October 31 at which time it moves backward through Libra – but that’s a different story.

Should we be afraid? Absolutely not. Venus’ transit through the sign of darkness, death, and regeneration will be challenging because it’s likely to involve a need to confront a fear.

If we can rise to this challenge, then we can experience something transformational. It could be time to change what we know we’ve become too comfortable with.

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We’re about to be reminded of something connected with love, money or a creative talent that we never pursued passionately. Alternatively, perhaps we did pursue in passionately but, for one of many reasons, it never came to fruition.

Seeing a love, financial or creative matter in a new light is exciting and inspiring. However, we will need to guard against becoming obsessive about it.


It’s not uncommon for anything connected with Venus that has been unresolved to become a focal point while Venus is retrograde. For many people, this can involve past lovers reappearing, or relationship issues we thought were resolved coming back into the spotlight to be settled properly, once and for all.

It’s important to trust that this process could be life-changing for you. You’ll soon see the benefits to the transformation Venus will bring to an area of your world during the coming weeks.

Until next week…

Best wishes