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When Capricorns Collide

Published: Sunday, September 2nd September 2018

Bored and doing some Web surfing, I came across (what I believed to be) an interesting article on GuitarPlayer.com.

I’ve never been a massive David Bowie fan. However, as a guitarist, I’ve always had enormous respect for his many guitarists and the careful way he selected them. Each always brought an incredibly innovative approach to their playing and was integral to Bowie’s undeniably unique sound.

One of Bowie’s most innovative players was Adrian Belew. At the time he and Bowie first met, Belew was Frank Zappa’s guitarist, and Bowie was keen to hire Belew once Zappa’s tour had finished.

Belew told Bowie how much he admired him and his music but explained he had a contract to play with Zappa. Bowie was aware the tour was to finish shortly and said his tour would start two weeks afterward, which meant Belew would be available. Bowie suggested they discuss it over dinner.


They arrived at a restaurant and discovered Zappa and his band sat at a table. David, trying to be cordial, said, ‘Quite a guitar player you have, Frank.’

Frank replied, ‘F**k you, Captain Tom,’ deliberately demoting David from ‘Major’ to ‘Captain.’

David replied, ‘Oh come on Frank, surely we can be gentlemen about this?’

Frank replied again, ‘F**k you, Captain Tom.’

Bowie and Belew got up and left. Getting in the limo David said cheerfully, ‘Well, I thought that went rather nicely!’


Ok, here’s where it gets more interesting. I knew Bowie was a Capricorn, born 8 January 1947 and Zappa was a Capricorn, born December 21 1940. I thought I’d check what sign Belew is, and, sure enough, he’s a Capricorn, born December 23 1949.

Frank had the Moon in Virgo, which might explain his bluntness. David’s flamboyance came from his Moon in Leo, which also explains why Frank’s response simply bounced off him!

I found it fascinating that THREE Capricorns were directly connected with this little spat. I wish I had some way of finding out what aspects were affecting or involving Saturn, Capricorn’s ruling planet, on that day.

Squares create tension, conflict, and power struggles, and a Moon Square Saturn aspect is likely in this mini-confrontation. Given the creative angle involved, Venus might have had a part to play in the tension. Pluto might have brought possessiveness to it as well. There could be numerous possibilities.

In any case, I hope you found this story as intriguing as I did!