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February 2021 Horoscopes

Published: Monday, February 1st February 2021

There’s so much happening in Aquarius this month. A build-up of planets makes Aquarius a bit like that ‘one house’ everyone hung out at when you were younger.

What about ‘that’ New Year’s resolution you made to get fitter or look better naked? If you need help with that, then the Virgo Full Moon on the 27th can provide it.

Enjoy! x


There could be times when you’re determined to pursue an inspired idea or plan alone. You know what you want and may see no need to involve anyone. But there may also be occasions when you refer to your list of trusted people and call upon their support when necessary. So, be willing to balance impressive results you can achieve single-handedly with drawing upon the assistance or experienced-based wisdom others can offer. Others will likely be delighted to assist. Check out other Aries horoscopes and your weekly video!


This month, there could be occasions where circumstances have a ‘push/pull, stop/start’ feel to them. You could be gung-ho to pursue a plan or seize an opportunity that captures your imagination. But you could also apply the brakes suddenly if you sense change and upheaval that comes with it will make life difficult or uncomfortable. That may be your head being unnecessarily cautious. Your heart’s message should be heeded if it tells you to strike while the iron is hot! Check out other Taurus horoscopes and your weekly video!


February could be one heck of a pivotal month where learning or broadening your mind is concerned. Although much may be in preparation stages, you could be in no doubt about the new territory you’re heading into with something that involves education, publishing, media, or travel. Opportunities you see looming on the horizon are real. Once an important plan receives the green light around the 11th, the direction you’re urged to head toward will be crystal clear. Check out other Gemini horoscopes and your weekly video!


If feathering your nest or enhancing stability and security have been priorities recently, then coming events could bring a wave of reassurance. You could identify ways to boost your bank balance with money separate from your earnings around the 11th. Ideas or brainwaves to create a different income stream or regarding an investment need and deserve your attention. You’re right to believe that some contain more than small golden nuggets! Check out other Cancer horoscopes and your weekly video!


If a romantic or business-related relationship has felt uncertain or directionless, then the 11th is a date for your diary! A New Moon offers a fresh start with a partnership – and a feeling of warmth and comfort could accompany this. But your attention could shift to your earnings at the end of February. A Full Moon on the 27th marks the end of one financial chapter. The key to opening a new door could involve making use of skills or talents that have been underused for too long. Check out other Leo horoscopes and your weekly video!


You might discover frustration or uncertainty felt recently served helpful purposes. As Mercury moves backward, you could reassess how and where your time or efforts could be applied more effectively. Fortunately, the direction you’re heading could become clearer around the 11th. A new job, breaking free from tired routines and bad habits, or a new health regime could be clearly signposted. You’re going to need enhanced energy levels for what’s coming your way! Check out other Virgo horoscopes and your weekly video!


You could assess what you can offer – or how you’d manage – a work-related plan or project. Collaboration is key for something to succeed, and colleagues might look to you for direction. With Venus working magic professionally, you could attract the right kind of attention – especially with an authority figure. If you felt recently that you should remind an employer why you’re an asset to their business, then you may need to ‘hold fire’ with doing so this month! Check out other Libra horoscopes and your weekly video!


There could be a strong emphasis on home or family-related changes and improvements this month. If you haven’t seen eye-to-eye with a relative or someone with whom you share your abode, then resolving this matter could become a priority during the coming weeks. But a New Moon on the 11th brings a fresh start and clean slate to your home or domestic setup in some way. If you can clarify what you want the next chapter to be or bring, it can happen! Check out other Scorpio horoscopes and your weekly video!


This month, you might wonder why misunderstandings occur or if you speak an alien language. But don’t let frustration set in. You could see signs around the 11th that indicate a new way forward with something communication-related. After the 20th, you should be in no doubt about how or why an opportunity that involves conveying yourself, selling, or negotiating should be seized. You’ll also be right to believe adjustments or compromises are needed on your part. Check out other Sagittarius horoscopes and your weekly video!


From the 1st until the 20th, confusion could surround what you earn, spend or save. But you have a chance to streamline your income and create medium and long-term plans to achieve financial goals. The really good news is, on or around the 11th, you could receive a clear indication or ‘green light’ to embark upon a plan or venture to enhance your earnings and boost your bank account. What occurs should keep The Wolf from your door or your bank manager quiet! Check out other Capricorn horoscopes and your weekly video!


February is your month to shine, my Aquarian friend! A buildup of planets in your sign makes this month one to remember, for many right reasons. The first indications of tangible progress could arrive around the 11th, as the universe waits for instruction from you about what you want to change, experience success with, or both. You could discover, to your delight, that at least one idea you believed to be far-fetched or unachievable holds serious potential, too! Check out other Aquarius horoscopes and your weekly video!


If you find you’re constantly looking to the past this month, then don’t believe that makes moving forward increasingly difficult. There are necessary and helpful reasons for this. One might involve accepting where emotional healing is needed before you can springboard to success. But events and dreams offer psychological and possibly spiritual clues, too. See how some provide answers you’ve waited for and indicate a new direction you should head toward. Check out other Pisces horoscopes and your weekly video!