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Expect to feel hopeful – but a Libran Full Moon will be intense!

Published: Sunday, April 5th April 2020

(Ok, I know some of these events will have happened by the time you read this. But they offer reasons to feel hopeful and are powerful or far-reaching enough to be included in this week’s summary!)


The planet of love, comfort, creativity, and money has decided to take an extended holiday in Gemini this year. Instead of its usual month in any sign, it’s going to stay until August 8.

You’re encouraged to have fun, flirt, and be sociable. Take a keen or keener interest in books, games, and gadgets. And if you want to get to someone’s heart, then the way to do so is through their mind. How will Venus in Gemini affect you personally? You can find out for free here.


When the planet of the mind meets with the planet of dreams and illusion, there are two possibilities. You’re either going to feel very confused about something or experience a Eureka Moment.

You could discover how you’ve been kidding yourself. Alternatively, you could experience a hopeful and welcome moment of clarity. Either way, you’ll be glad these two got together.


This event is this week’s major news story. My recent post on the astrological links with the Coronavirus highlighted how important this planetary connection is with the current pandemic.

These two will get together three times this year. They connect again in June and November.

Whether it’s the economic stimulus packages governments have announced or ways the people of planet Earth pull together, slowly but surely, we see how the planet of optimism and hope connects with the planet of truth and transformation.


A Full Moon in Libra always involves our connections with others and relationships. Prepare to balance your need for companionship with a desire for independence.

This Full Moon has its share of tension and confrontation. Expect an issue to be brought to the surface and to focus on what needs balancing or fixing in your world. To find out for free how this Full Moon will affect you personally, click or tap here.

What’s occurring above definitely reflects what’s happening below – especially now. A FREE sample of my Personal Destiny report helps you to identify opportunities waiting to shape your life. To receive your free glimpse into what your personal future holds, click or tap here.

I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, be safe, and above all, be happy.

Best wishes