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As Above – So Below? Astrology & Free Will

Published: Wednesday, May 2nd May 2018

Free will is something we all possess. What part does the universe play with our decisions and actions? Is everything really ‘written in the stars’?

Ask ten people that question, and you’ll likely receive ten different replies. Some people believe fate governs every moment of our lives. Others believe we’re the captains of our own destinies. Is there really a ‘right’ answer?

As Above, So Below

In short, astrology works on the premise that a relationship exists between astronomical phenomena and events on Earth. Many people believe we’re influenced by ‘cosmic radiation’ from planets. However, a fairer and more likely assessment is that what’s occurring above us reflects what’s happening down here.

Astrology is helpful in numerous ways. It sheds light on why we behave in certain ways or forewarns us of imminent challenges. It also helps us to make more of talents we possess and how to develop them. Astrology is an excellent and reliable way to identify opportunities and when to seize them.

Free Will – Being Willing to Change

Despite opinions to the contrary, astrology plays an integral role in us being in complete control of our lives. It is not a way ‘fortune telling’. It takes into account the fact each of us possesses free will. In other words, astrology helps us to help ourselves provided we’re receptive to change and investing required levels of effort.

As a rule, astrologers work to shorter-term trends influenced by New Moons, Full Moons and the Inner Planets. These are Venus, Mercury, and Mars. The Inner Planets circle closer to the Sun than the Outer Planets. These are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Outer Planets affect longer-term trends.

Free Will – Identifying Opportunities

Regardless of what any planet affects or influences, what we determine from astrology is intended to help us to progress and succeed. If we use astrology to identify opportunities, then we need to accept that opportunities often come disguised as setbacks, obstacles or challenges. We need these to grow as individuals and must learn to welcome and not resent them.

Free Will – Aiming High

It is a fact that action always causes a reaction and if we aim at nothing, then we’re guaranteed to hit it. Therefore, astrology is helpful with giving us reasons to invest effort, be courageous, pursue dreams passionately and learn from previous disappointments. Astrology is also integral to us learning to be more intuitive and trusting what our hearts tell us over and above what our heads tell us sometimes.

Free Will – Embracing Upheaval

By learning to identify and seize opportunities, we increase the number of new experiences that present themselves. These tend to invite change. With change comes upheaval and with upheaval comes a period of insecurity. However, where we used to fear or resent change, we can learn to embrace it in the knowledge that it equals progression and growth. And regardless of our age, we can – and should – always seek to progress and grow as individuals.

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