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Full Moon in Aries: Emotions help healing…

Published: Saturday, October 1st October 2022

A Full Moon in Aries comes with a difference this year. Normally, this lunar event has a harsh, make-it-happen-now vibe,

This one offers support and healing where either or both are needed. So, accept how you’re helped to harness fervent energy positively and sensitively. If emotions need to emerge or play a part in progress or closure, let them.


You’ve likely experienced the annoying – or infuriating – symptoms of a backward-moving Mercury since September 9. Lost mail or deliveries, technology and mechanical failures, travel delays and so on.

This week, Mercury moves forward. But as Harvey Keitel said in ‘Pulp Fiction,’ let’s not start high-fiving each other yet.

Mercury’s turnaround involves awkward links to Mars and Neptune. This is like driving in heavy fog. You have a good idea about where you’re supposed to go but can’t see a thing.

Until this fog lifts, proceed carefully. Avoiding making firm decisions or taking specific action might be wise until Mecury gets moving properly and without these distractions.

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Full Moons always involve new chapters. This one affects the area of your horoscope chart Aries represents.

But Full Moons also heighten emotions. These could run higher on this occasion than during a run-of-the-mill Full Moon.

That’s because this Full Moon links with love-planet Venus and Chiron, an asteroid known as The Wounded Healer.

So, the Full Moon in Aries pushes hard for openness, whether it’s you, someone close to you, or others in your world laying emotional cards on the table. This lunar event encourages deep or concealed inner wounds to be addressed. Venus offers the loving support needed to do this. Chiron wants to help lighten the load of heavy emotional baggage that is more anchor-like than helpful.

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I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, be safe and, above all, happy.

Best wishes