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Full Moon in Cancer: What comes to fruition?

Published: Saturday, December 31st December 2022

A Full Moon in Cancer is bound to be a more emotional experience than last month’s Full Moon in Gemini.

This week’s Full Moon heightens intution – and emotions. Be careful how or to whom you use your Crab-like pincers if you feel challenged or confronted!


Until January 26, the planet of love, comfort and money graces the independent, humanitarian sign of Aquarius. But during this time, Venus will be…confused.

Venus wants to bring, enhance and spread love. Venus wants to create warm, affectionate vibes and bonds but struggles to do so in Aquarius.

In dusty astrology textbooks, Aquarians are portrayed as cold, aloof or emotionally vacant. Of course, that’s untrue. However, Aquarians tend to prefer light-hearted free-spirited bonding to anything emotionally deep. They crave space, freedom and are often keener to form or strengthen long-term, meaningful friendships.

So, love and relationships take on a more friendship-oriented vibe which is fine and lovely on some levels. But this can be a real passion killer if a love connection feels more ‘pally’, brotherly or sisterly.

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Two of many Cancerian traits are nurturing and protectiveness. Therefore, Cancerians put exceptionally strong focus on their home, family, loved ones and security. Those born under the sign of The Crab also tend to have no issue with wearing their hearts on their sleeves or having a good cry when they feel one is necessary.

During this Full Moon, you could strengthen bonds with those closest to you and your sense of emotional and material security. Should emotions run higher, let them flow and don’t suppress them.

But this Full Moon also connects with the New Moon in Cancer at the end of June. An idea, a plan or project started at that time is likely to come to fruition. Whatever transpires could also help you feel more safe and secure as a result.

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I wish you a successful and memorable week, with very best wishes for a rewarding 2023.

Until next week, take care, be safe and happy.

Best wishes