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A Full Moon in Capricorn: Only one of this week’s major events…

Published: Saturday, June 19th June 2021

A Full Moon in Capricorn plays a part in events picking up pace after a relatively quiet period recently. But there’s plenty going on in ways that promise to be significant and far-reaching!


Until October 18, the biggest planet in our solar system governing luck, optimism, and all things mind-broadening moves backward.

But Jupiter also represents your personal philosophies, principles, and beliefs. When retrograde, it encourages you to assess each, layer upon layer.

Have you absorbed yours from people in your past? It’s likely, and while Jupiter is retrograde, new and updated perspectives and attitudes can replace those that are outdated.

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Until July 22, the Sun illuminates the sign of The Crab, which represents, among many things, deep emotions and all things related to home and family.

The coming weeks could be emotional, and there may be a more intense or possibly defensive domestic focus in your world. But, interestingly, Cancer season begins at the Solstice.

This means you have a decision to make. You’re at a crossroads. Do you play it safe, stick with where you are, or head down a new and possibly unexplored avenue?

What do the Solstice and the Sun’s movement in Cancer mean to you personally? These answers and much more can be found with a Lucky Encounters Destiny reading!


While the planet of thought, communication, travel, and commerce moved backward in Gemini, you probably had a serious assessment to make. This likely involved no longer doing something habitually or complacently.

It may have also involved making a decision about a particular situation or an arrangement that wasn’t working or had run its course.

As Mercury moves forward again, you should feel reassured or liberated. Whatever you decided, it received the thought it deserved.


Normally, a Full Moon in Capricorn shines a spotlight on something that needs to be seen in a serious light and requires a practical decision and sensible steps. This year, it’s as if the universe wants to help this Full Moon to lighten up.

Make no mistake, with both Jupiter and Pluto involved, this lunar event is significant and far-reaching.

But it’s supported with a wave of optimism connected to powerful transformation in whatever area of your horoscope chart Capricorn represents.

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I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, stay safe, and be happy.

Best wishes