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Full Moon in Leo: What will you release?

Published: Saturday, February 12th February 2022

A Full Moon in Leo adds intense, passionate weight to this week’s planatary backdrop. It also offers a hefty dose of passion to the libido-enhancing Venus/Mars connnection. So, this week’s events are all about ‘passionate release’ in one form or another!


The thought and chat planet entered Aquarius on January 2. It moved back into Capricorn on January 25. Now, it returns to Aquarius.

So, while Mercury was in Capricorn, you likely experienced a time of preparation, reflection, or assessment. This may have involved delays or a need to wait for essential information.

As Mercury returns to the point it was at before moving backward, something moves forward once again. This time, the process is smoother and less uncertain or chaotic.

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The planet of love forms an intense connection with the planet of passion and lust. This would have probably been more appropriate on Valentine’s Day. However, the strength and importance of this link can’t be underestimated.

Something in your world is about to deepen – whether it’s a commitment to a person or a goal.

When Venus and Mars get together, hearts beat faster, passion stirs, and libidos or mojos are revived!

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This annual lunar event in the creative, passionate, and dramatic sign of Leo is powerful on its own. However, it connects with transformative Pluto. Where Pluto is involved, progress and change always require a need to release something.

You’re encouraged to look inward at how you express yourself creatively and passionately. For example, have you an underused talent or skill? Maybe, it’s time to focus a creative ability or unique gift in a new way. Is something more ‘meh’ than magnificent intimately?

It’s a case of ‘out with the old, in with the new.’ A new chapter commences regarding how, where, or with whom you apply your unique brand of passion!

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I wish you a successful, memorable week.

Until next week, take care, stay safe, and be happy.

Best wishes