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Full Moon in Libra: Handle with care…

Published: Saturday, April 1st April 2023

A Full Moon in Libra brings a turning point with relationships or one in particular.

Yes, Librans do, to some extent, adhere to the motto about “peace at any cost.” But that doesn’t mean they won’t choose confrontation or create chaos when it suits them.

Likewise, you can steer any discussions or developments into calmer, manageable waters if you want to this week.


Until June 11, the planet of thinking, chatting and texting occupies the creative, sensual and grounded sign of Taurus.

So, this is a time when common sense prevails! Due to Taurus’s strong connection to the material world, your focus on reality will intensify. Flights of fantasy must vanish as you concentrate on plans, projects or pursuits that will bring the most tangible results. This isn’t a time to go off on new tangents or try to be extra clever and innovative. Instead, stick with what you know and know “works.” Confirm for free what Taurus represents in your personal horoscope chart.


Libra is the sign of relationships. That’s one of several reasons why The Scales represent this Zodiac sign. So, during a Full Moon in Libra, you’ll be particularly conscious of your need for relationships, and all that creating and maintaining them involves. Negotiating, compromising, graciousness and creating a harmonious balance become more important.

On the flipside, the Moon is bright because the Sun in Aries illuminates it. Aries is loud, bold,  occasionally impatient and, well, tactless at times. Libra is diplomatic, all about equality and being fair-minded. So, you can see a conflict of interests exists!

Something can undoubtedly form and strengthen with one-to-one connections or one in particular. But you may need to dig deeper than you thought to find patience or ensure resentment doesn’t provide the fuel for what you’re keen to make happen or move forward. Confirm for free what Libra represents in your horoscope chart and how this Full Moon affects you personally.

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I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, be safe and happy.

Best wishes