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Full Moon in Scorpio: Intense Revelations!

Published: Saturday, April 20th April 2024

A Full Moon in Scorpio always promises to be an extra emotionally charged event. During a Full Moon, we experience the tension between opposing zodiac signs.

In this instance, the passionate energy of Scorpio opposes the grounded Taurus Sun. This combo highlights what you truly desire in your life and what – or who – needs to be released.


This powerful event has received plenty of press lately. Don’t worry if you read this after the 21st. The effects of this connection started around April 17. Because these are heavyweight planets, the after-effects have a lengthy lifespan.

This conjunction occurs in Taurus. So, it would help to know what Taurus represents in your horoscope chart. If you don’t know, you can find out for free here.

However, everyone will have their own story to tell about surprises and sudden opportunities that arise. This planetary combo also pushes each of us to seek freedom in some way.

But there is also a very strong indication of rebellion. This could manifest in several ways on the global stage. We may see numerous instances where people have had enough of situations and make their displeasure clear.

But adopting a very open mind to what could develop or manifest in your world is essential!

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How does this annual lunar event affect you personally? If you don’t know what Scorpio represents in your horoscope chart, you can confirm that for free here.

Some Full Moons come and go without us being aware of the effects. This Full Moon is unlikely to be one of those. Yes, it offers the usual Full Moon intensity.

However, because it connects with potent, powerful Pluto, Scorpio’s ruling planet, we can expect an extra strong wave of intensity and transformation.

The Full Moon in Scorpio pushes us to release heavy emotional baggage. The challenging Pluto link highlights power struggles, hidden motives or agendas and deep, subconscious yearnings.

Confronting uncomfortable truths won’t be easy. But where Pluto is involved, it’s always a case of ‘better out than in’ or ‘better brought into the open than brushed under the carpet.’

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I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, be safe and happy.

Best wishes

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