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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: How will it affect you?

Published: Sunday, January 5th January 2020


Mars represents drive and assertiveness. Sagittarius is an energetic and fiery sign. Until February 16, you could feel more inclined to strive and explore.

You might push yourself in ways you’ve never pushed yourself before. The coming weeks offer a chance for you to look beyond present limitations at the vast possibilities on offer.

You’re blessed with an abundance of passionate energy to not only overcome obstacles with optimism but also to turn a vision into something real. How Mars’ energy will affect you depends on what Sagittarius represents in your personal horoscope chart – find out for free here.


This event is on par with a regular Full Moon on steroids. The Eclipse occurs in Cancer, so its effects depend on what Cancer represents in your personal horoscope chart. However, the fact that Saturn and Pluto are involved means the Eclipse will have an undeniably serious and intense vibe. Below is a brief summary of what each sign can expect:


A home or family matter experiences closure. You might have to accept more domestic responsibilities. Get your Personal 2020 Forecast


Focus is on short-distance travel, possibly family-related, and an enhanced ability to communicate with crystal clarity. Get your Personal 2020 Forecast


A serious development – or a decision is needed – related to your earnings. A clean slate or fresh start is connected with money you make or save. Get your Personal 2020 Forecast


A partnership – romantic or business-related – either moves to a new level or experiences closure. Something between you and another person can become more formal, or a partner could be removed from your world. Get your Personal 2020 Forecast


Privacy and secrets receive particular focus. What comes to light could alter your view of a certain person or an arrangement. An ideal time to kick a bad habit or find the necessary help to do so. Get your Personal 2020 Forecast


New faces emerge and could become strong friendships. You might also be given a new level of responsibility surrounding managing a collaborative effort, group, or event. Get your Personal 2020 Forecast


A career-related development awaits and possibly involving a higher level of position, responsibility and influence. Get your Personal 2020 Forecast


A project, possibly connected with media or to ‘the masses,’ needs attention and to be completed to the best of your abilities. The more care you apply, the greater your chances of success. Get your Personal 2020 Forecast


An outstanding or unsettled financial obligation could receive attention. Parting with a large sum of cash might be necessary to bring closure to the matter. Get your Personal 2020 Forecast


A change to a relationship or partnership is imminent. Something could become formal between you and a particular person, such as an engagement. Alternatively, it could be time to take a long-overdue step to bring an ending where you’ve long wanted one. Get your Personal 2020 Forecast


A new era commences related to work or health. A work colleague could be removed from your world, a project could reach culmination, or healing could be brought to a health matter. Get your Personal 2020 Forecast


A new era commences in your love life, with something taken to a new level between you and a particular person, or a love connection could experience closure. Joyful news related to a child could be imminent. Get your Personal 2020 Forecast

I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, be safe, and above all, be happy.

Best wishes

Jeff's Signature