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How to Guess Sun Signs

Published: Thursday, March 22nd March 2018

Guessing someone’s Sun Sign can be done easily, but it does require practice. Knowing someone’s Sun Sign helps to understand them and their attitudes or behavior. However, it’s worth remembering that it’s someone’s Rising Sign rather than Sun Sign that will play the biggest part in how they project themselves – or their ‘outward persona.’

Your Rising Sign represents how you present yourself to the world, want to be seen by others and the ‘mask’ you wear. The word ‘mask’ refers specifically to aspects of your personality you prefer others didn’t know about as opposed to phoniness or insincerity.

Your Sun Sign represents your spirit, heart and all that is important to you. It portrays the nature of your will and purpose in life. It is the center of your being. In other words, your Sun Sign represents the ‘inner’ you.

Although so much depends on factors within someone’s personal chart regarding how they convey themselves to others, it is possible to determine someone’s Sun Sign by simply observing them in many ways.

How to guess an Aries Sun Sign

Look for dark features and clear signs of impulsiveness or impatience. Also, look also for outspokenness, boldness and a visible desire to make things happen and want them to happen quickly. Are outdoor activities important to them? Are there clear signs of competitiveness, a need to collaborate or work within a team? Might they be a good leader or have courageous qualities? If all answers to the above are ‘yes, then that person is probably born under the sign of The Ram!

How to guess a Taurus Sun Sign

Does this person give the impression of being ‘fixed’ in their attitudes or show clear signs of stubbornness? Do they have a love of the finer things in life and place great value and need on creature comforts? Taureans often display practical, tenacious and leadership qualities. Do they have a laid-back or ‘down to earth’ personality? Finally, listen closely to their voice – Taureans often have very distinctive voices, and many sing like angels!

How to guess a Gemini Sun Sign

Look for youthful disposition, almost childlike. Geminis never really grow up and are the Zodiac’s ‘social butterflies.’ They are often witty, chatty and very flirtatious. They thrive when a need to multitask presents itself and are usually great communicators, both verbally and through written communication. They take the lead naturally in discussions and have a knack for coming up with ideas and solutions before others have thought of them.

How to guess a Cancer Sun Sign

One of the first clues to identifying a Cancerian is their keenness to talk about family and bring them into conversation regularly. If they’re not keen to discuss family members, then they’ll often talk enthusiastically about their home and its unique qualities or their careers. They often have strong nurturing qualities and a wicked sense of humor. Look also for signs of retreat when hurt or offended as well as a well-formed chest or bust.

How to guess a Leo Sun Sign

Look for a strong and natural desire to be ‘in the spotlight’ or center of attention combined with heartfelt ambition. Leos often have gregarious qualities, a sense of humor some might consider risqué and can be very flirtatious. Look for clear signs of passion, whatever ‘turns them on’ will be evident. Look also for their ‘mane,’ Leos often possess full and thick heads of hair. They enjoy wearing bright jewelry and can have expensive tastes, preferring designer labels or clothing that turns heads their direction or instills a sense of power or authority within them.

How to spot a Virgo Sun Sign

The first clue to identifying a Virgo could be their natural inclination toward perfection and for all in their world to be neat, orderly and organized. They are cerebral people who enjoy stimulating conversation and often possess an encyclopedic knowledge of books, having read many in their time. Look also for a keen interest in health, fitness, sport, nutrition and natural foods. They can also have very sharp tongues and respond with quick and – often unintentionally – hurtful responses.

How to identify a Libra Sun Sign

Look for diplomatic qualities combined with manners and a cheeky sense of humor. Librans are the Zodiac’s peacemakers and adhere strongly to a ‘peace at any cost’ belief and fairness which also helps make them good judges. However, they do enjoy creating a bit of chaos or controversy when they get bored. They’re the networkers of the Zodiac and often possess full address books. Look also for a genuine appreciation of beauty, art, crafts, flowers, architecture, clothing or food.

How to guess a Scorpio Sun Sign

Look for calm, collected, self-belief and an ability to organize or spot improvements in systems. A calm, cool exterior could be hiding something much deeper. A genuine quest for knowledge, self-improvement and attention seeking might be evident. Also, signs of deep-rooted stubbornness, an ability to be the life and soul of any party and extremely witty and quick-witted responses could be giveaways! Scorpios often have a short temper and an encyclopedic knowledge of film, music and the latest gadgets.

How to spot a Sagittarius Sun Sign

Look for signs of absolute belief in their abilities and no sign of ‘half measures’ surrounding what interests them or what they believe they excel – or would excel – at doing. Sagittarians can be blunt, or even ‘big headed’ but possess independent, friendly, broad-minded, overly-optimistic, brave, intelligent and charismatic personalities. They will probably have a keen interest in sport or athletics and many travel stories to tell.

How to recognize a Capricorn Sun Sign

Your first clues to identifying a Capricorn could be seriousness, noticeable detachment from people and situations. They can come across as cold or arrogant but such qualities diminish as they make others laugh from deep within and relay numerous interesting facts. Look for confidence and an ability to ooze responsibility and discipline. Look also for signs of status and career being extremely important and enjoyment gained from teasing.

How to spot an Aquarius Sun Sign

Look for a genuine need to help others, offer advice or relay numerous anecdotes. There could be eccentric, erratic, indifferent or rebellious qualities. Aquarians also tend to display idealistic or inventive qualities, often possessing a fascination with technology and gadgets. There is always something unique, fascinating or admirable about them and they will often seek to do things ‘their way,’ regardless of how set in stone a ‘norm’ might be.

How to guess a Pisces Sun Sign

Look for a tendency to dream or escape into worlds of their own creation where they lose themselves quite comfortably for periods of time. A love of music, dance, art or some other creative activity could be further clues, and an ability to take to and excel at anything artistic or musical immediately will be evident. Look also for bright shining eyes, an impressive smile, caring demeanor and a genuine desire to right the wrongs of the world.

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