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The heat is on with the Sun and Venus in Aries…

Published: Saturday, March 20th March 2021

The heat is indeed on this week. But it’s of the pleasurable kind as the Sun and Venus collaborate to bring more love, comfort and a touch of magic to the world generally – and yours!


The astrological year commences. Until April 19, the Sun works its way through the fearless and motivated sign of Aries. A more proactive, dynamic ‘you’ could emerge, too.

Let your leadership qualities emerge. Take the initiative with what you’ve been pondering. Go for whatever or whoever turns you on. Remember that confidence is sexy, but pushiness and rudeness aren’t.

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Until April 14, the planet of love, comfort, money, and luxuries also glides through Aries.

Venus offers you a fresh start with love and, if necessary, money. What has become humdrum or had its day with matters of the heart will receive determined action.

Your pursuit of pleasure involves something new, spontaneous, and adventurous.

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Normally, these two squaring up indicates one almighty argument. But their positions indicate a determined but more thoughtful approach to resolving a matter.

Mercury, the Winged Messenger, wants Mars, The Warrior, to put down its shield and weapons.

A calm, sensitive exchange will be much more helpful than anything confrontational or aggressive.

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With both planets in Aries, you will hopefully see how the Sun illuminates Venus brilliantly after sunset.

This connection can bring considerably more comfort to your world and, where your relationship with a particular individual is concerned, inspiration is on offer.

Have faith in your ability to do ‘what’s right,’ and you can turn a precarious situation into a pleasing one.

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I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, be safe, and happy.

Best wishes