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Just the Job: Ideal Sun Sign Careers

Published: Tuesday, March 6th March 2018

Most people spend approximately 50 years in paid employment, given that most of the world’s population works from the age of 18 to 68. Sure, there are exceptions, but this equates to 35% of our waking hours (assuming 8 hours of sleep each night) during our lifetime is focused on work or career. However, so many people work in jobs they dislike or, even worse, hate.

Successful Careers Can Occur Later in Life

Many feel stuck in their role or are unsure what else they would feel fulfilled with or excel at. However, if the desire for change and willingness to invest necessary levels of effort are great enough, then it’s never too late to pursue something better. After all, many successful people achieved success quite late in life. Such people include Colonel Sanders, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Ronald Reagan, Ray Kroc, Henry Ford and Julia Child.

With every Sun Sign possessing unique traits. attitudes and skills, below is a summary for each sign that I hope you will find helpful. (Don’t forget to read your daily, weekly and monthly Career Horoscopes, too!)


As most Rams tend to be mentally and physically strong, vibrant, and competitive. Therefore, they often shine in commission-based roles, especially if bonuses are involved. They prefer to work as part of a team rather than solo and looking at the areas their ruling planet, Mars, governs offers clues regarding ideal professions. Their bravery, often fueled by impulsiveness, encourages them to pursue jobs requiring courage and fortitude. Their natural keenness to interact makes them excellent organizers and publicists. Best Aries careers include: adventurer, ambulance driver, brain surgeon, campaign manager, dermatologist, diamond cutter, entrepreneur, fireman/woman, hairdresser, iron worker, knife sharpener, optician, physiotherapist, racing driver, rescue worker, satellite dish installer, soldier, sportsperson or surgeon.


Before a Taurean will pursue – or accept – a particular role, it must tick several essential boxes. A stable and predictable role will suit many, and wanting other guarantees or perks, such as benefits, or extended holiday time often results in getting them. An employer couldn’t want someone more patient, honest, loyal, dependable and methodical. Taureans make excellent ‘team players’ who bring delightful, positive enthusiasm to any role. As one of two signs ruled by Venus, they’re drawn to all things beautiful, artistic or luxurious and this this can influence career decisions. Many possess strong and seductive voices, making them superb announcers, presenters, or public speakers. Best Taurus carers include: actor, architect, antique dealer, artist, art collector, auctioneer, banker, baker, blacksmith, carpenter, carpet designer, cattle breeder, chef, confectioner, dancer, farmer, gardener, jeweler, musician, nurse, pianist, sculptor, singer, throat specialist, treasurer, or vocal coach.


A Gemini requires a career that offers as much mental stimulation as it does progression. They tend to thrive in roles that require assessing and quick thinking and can adapt amazingly in face-paced or high-pressured environments. Tedious or repetitive work is unlikely to interest them, and the more varied the role – especially if travel is involved – the more productive and happy they’ll be.  They also tend to be drawn toward positions that allow them to convey their constant stream of ideas. Best Gemini careers include: advertising executive, bicycle repairer, book-keeper, book seller, broadcaster, broker, bus driver, canvasser, editor, engineer, journalist, lecturer, linguist, mechanic, nerve specialist, porter, post office worker, telesales executive, traffic manager, typist, weather forecaster or writer.


A Cancerian will likely thrive in roles that require nurturing or taking care of others. However, these unselfish qualities can make them excellent managers or CEOs. They excel at ‘rallying the troops’ when necessary and offering advice or instruction in ways that make others feel cared for and protected. They’re often happiest when helping others, which tends to encourage them to gravitate naturally toward roles where they believe they’ll make a valuable difference to others’ lives. Best Cancer careers include: baker, bath attendant, builder, caretaker, caterer, cook, fishmonger, glassblower, gynecologist, hotelier, mammologist, nurse, nutritionist, plumber, sailor, shopkeeper, teacher or welfare worker.


Leos thrive in roles that put them in the spotlight and offer status and power. Having their own methodologies or rigid beliefs about how something should be done can make them disruptive in team environments or groups. However, they succeed in gaining respect from others due to the proof of their abilities being evident to all. They possess a strong independent streak that tends to make them leaders instead of followers. As long as a role allows them to connect with their competitive side and receive recognition and praise for their efforts, they’ll be very happy! Best Leo careers include: actor, athlete, banker, brewer, broker, bookmaker, conductor, dancer, entertainer, film star, director, forester, goldsmith, heart specialist, jeweler, leisure consultant, mayor, matchmaker, monarch, mountaineer, circus ringmaster, theater owner or usher.


Virgos tend to thrive in roles that are mentally stimulating and require attention to detail. As one of two signs ruled by Mercury, their thoroughness and practical mind help them excel at going above the call of duty where providing any level of service is concerned. They are determined to find answers and will persevere in doing so long after others have given up. They are the Zodiac’s natural writers, researchers, linguists and statisticians. Ideal Virgo Careers include: accountant, administrator, animal trainer, book keeper, butler, charity worker, chemist, civil servant, clothier, critic, dentist, dietitian, doctor, detective, editor, grocer, governess, librarian, microbiologist, naturopath, nurse, osteopath, photographer, proof-reader, piano tuner, sanitation inspector, statistician, teacher or translator.


Librans bring charm and elegance to any role. They’re the Zodiac’s networkers and tend to thrive as ambassadors, managers and team leaders. Librans are also excellent diplomats and will do everything in their power to create harmonious environments in the workplace, and, if in a service industry, with customers. Librans tend to take on roles that genuinely interest them, and their work life can sometimes be an extension of their social life. As one of two signs ruled by Venus, Librans tend to be attracted to roles that reflect Venus’ qualities. Therefore, ideal Libra careers include: artist, beautician, bedroom designer, civil rights campaigner, cosmetician, dancer, decorator, diplomat, dramatist, dressmaker, fashion designer, florist, golfer, judge, juggler, musician, negotiator, pianist, poet, politician, public relations consultant, receptionist, salesperson, solicitor, tailor, union leader or wig maker.


Scorpios aren’t just attracted to roles that require intense concentration, they excel at them. They possess an innate ability to block out distractions and give full concentration where it’s needed. Their natural, curious nature means they’re in their element when having to get to the bottom of a mystery, especially one others have been unable to solve. Their keenness to discover how things work can lead to them uncovering what has been concealed or even considered taboo by others. They possess an independent and stubborn streak that might make them difficult to manage, but once they’re confident they’ve gained an employer’s trust, they’ll be an exceptionally loyal employee! Ideal Scorpio careers include: aircraft designer, acupuncturist, dentist, detective, environmentalist, healer, journalist, lawyer, loss adjuster, pathologist, pest controller, pharmacist, psychiatrist, physicist, radio therapist, researcher, satirist, sex therapist, spy, surgeon, taxation specialist or undertaker.


Sagittarians are ethical, spontaneous, philosophical and spiritual individuals. They’re excellent decision-makers, and their leadership qualities instill confidence in others. They prefer varied roles that aren’t intensely routine-based. Positions that require them to travel or be outdoors will likely appeal greatly to them. Their likable, energetic and witty demeanor makes them superb coaches or team players (whether on a sports field or in an office) and they’re often skilled naturally in defusing tense situations firmly but also with humor and tact. Best jobs: air hostess/steward, announcer, barrister, broadcaster, coach, court officer, engineer, explorer, film director, foreign correspondent, humorist, importer, inventor, jockey, judge, philanthropist, preacher, publicist, safari leader, sportsman/woman, travel agent, tour guide, university professor or writer.


Ambitious and in need of constant challenges, Capricorns are blessed with copious amounts of stamina, self-discipline, and perseverance. If they set their sights on a particular role or position, then their determination can take them to impressive career heights. They’re responsible and conscientious, and make excellent managers or CEOs. They prefer structure and routines in their roles and are an ideal choice if you have a job that needs doing within a specific time-frame and in a very precise or disciplined way. Throw in some pressure to make things a bit more complex and interesting, and a Capricorn will probably enjoy the whole experience even more! Ideal Capricorn careers include: architect, builder, businessperson, chief executive, chiropractor, clock maker, economist, editor, excavator, furniture restorer, gardener, government official, leather worker, manager, manicurist, mining engineer, osteopath, plasterer, prison officer, property developer, restoration worker, sculptor or transport controller.


Aquarians tend to possess strong humanitarian qualities. They’re born explorers and love to be guided by their curious and adventurous natures to pursue unusual or unorthodox ideas. They tend to avoid run-of-the-mill, routine-based roles, preferring positions that are unconventional or those they created for themselves. Although jointly ruled by Saturn, the planet of structure, they connect strongly with traits from their other ruler, Uranus. This encourages them to exhibit rebellious qualities as they need freedom of thought and movement not only in their careers but every area of their life. As far as they’re concerned, a new way of doing something is always begging to be tried. Any organization that requires quick, innovative thinkers and future planners can benefit from having  Aquarians on board! Ideal Aquarius careers include: actor, art dealer, aviator, broadcaster, civil rights campaigner, computer consultant, cooperative organizer, counselor, electrician, faith healer, furniture designer, inventor, laser technician, lighting specialist, mechanic, musician, navigator, recording studio engineer, scientist, social worker or telecommunications worker.


Pisceans possess amazing, colorful and vivid imaginations and these always require an outlet in one or more ways. That’s why many gravitate toward roles that allow them to express themselves creatively and also why many often excel in traditional arts, such as music, dance, and photography. Pisceans are also highly intuitive and this, combined with their naturally compassionate qualities, makes them superb counselors or therapists. They’re arguably the most psychic sign of the Zodiac, and can often enjoy careers as psychics or psychic readers. Ideal Pisces careers include: anesthetist, artist, bartender, cartoonist, charity worker, chemist, clairvoyant, cobbler, dancer, distiller, drug rehabilitation worker, escapologist, film director, impressionist, nurse, oceanographer, petrochemical worker, photographer, philanthropist, psychologist, physical therapist, plumber, poet, private eye, sailor, spy or veterinarian.