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W/C 5 November 2018: In what 3 ways will YOUR world change?

Published: Monday, November 5th November 2018

Your world is about to change – in 3 different ways!

At a glance, events this week appear as if they could be straight out of a TV soap opera. Revelations. Courageous moves. Unbridled passions. Read on…


Here, we have the New Moon in Scorpio. This New Moon links to dreamy and deceptive Neptune. Other astrological occurrences indicate revelations, new beginnings and taking control of particular areas of our lives. This New Moon acts almost like a traffic light for our plans. Once the light turns green, it’s all systems go.

The New Moon could also bring a revelation of its own. You might decide that you’ve outgrown certain current circumstances in your life. Where you might have struggled to summon the courage to make a big or sweeping change, you could discover that you possess a new level of fearlessness now.


Jupiter enters Sagittarius. For the past year, Jupiter ground its way through Scorpio and probably didn’t enjoy its visit there. Jupiter represents all that is positive and inspiring. Scorpio represents all that is dark and secretive. So, Jupiter had some unpleasant work to do, by bringing many displeasing matters into the light for everyone to see.

Now, Jupiter is at home and comfortable in sunny Sagittarius until December 2019. It offers a tremendous ray of hope and a very important new beginning to the area of your horoscope Sagittarius represents. To find out what Sagittarius represents to you – and more about your life destiny – click here.


Venus in Libra links with Mars in Aquarius. A development you’ve wanted to happen for a long time could finally arrive.

Venus is all about love. Mars is all about passion. Put these two together, and you have a red-hot sexy combination. You can discover what sexy secrets and developments await you by clicking here.

A new phase of your life is about to begin, and you have an exceptional opportunity to ‘break new ground.’ Where certain relationships are concerned, rules can be rewritten. All that’s required from you is confidence mixed with a tiny bit of courage. Be brave and accepting of the long-awaited change unfolding now. It’s yours for the taking.

I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week…

Best wishes