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Intense festive energy…

Published: Saturday, December 25th December 2021

Intense festive energy shouldn’t be misinterpreted.

It’s positive and transformational.

Sometimes, we all need a push to take a step we may not have taken otherwise.

But you can get through the other side of tension or uncertainty by succumbing to what your heart may have been trying to tell you for some time.


We’re dealing with an intense festive vibe this year, that’s for sure.

Venus and Pluto connected similarly on December 11. So, once again, your need for love and affection increases. You want to experience deeper companionship or intimacy. Your cosmic Christmas gift could involve starting a beautiful relationship if you’re single.

But if you’re attached, something between you and a partner could go from harmonious to hostile in a heartbeat. Beware of jealousy and manipulation – on your part or someone else’s.

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Ahh, here comes the relief and breath of fresh air we need!

The planet of good luck, optimism, and mind-broadening is comfortable in Pisces. It also joins Neptune, the planet of dreams, spirituality, and intuition.

Jupiter will move into Aries briefly in May before remaining in Pisces until December. But 2022 is a year to create a positive vision of your future based on faith, compassion, growth, and countless possibilities you’ll soon see are on offer!

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Here comes one heck of a decisive moment of truth.

A revelation awaits. If you’ve been kidding yourself about what you want or don’t want, either will become crystal clear.

Yes, the truth might ‘smart’ a bit. However, it needs to be faced, accepted, and seen as what you need to set yourself free somehow.

But whatever you feel pushed or forced to accept will soon be something you’ll be grateful for.

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I wish you a successful and memorable festive week.

Until next week, take care, be safe and happy.

Best wishes