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Jupiter in Aries: Do it bigger, bolder…

Published: Saturday, May 7th May 2022

Jupiter in Aries is one of this year’s biggest astrological news stories. Jupiter never does anything in careful, measured doses. It’s the planet of excess and expansiveness.

Aries is a sign of fiery determination and impulsiveness.

So, put these two together and you can see how what might have normally been a satisfactory, calm effort will be inflated tenfold – or more!


Until June 3, the planet of thinking, chatting and texting appears to move backward. This illusionary activity is notorious for creating misunderstandings, delays, and mechanical or technical glitches.

So, backward-moving Mercury is seen as the villain in films. But there is much positivity attached to retrograde Mercury.

It moves backward in Gemini, so much depends on what Gemini represents in your horoscope chart. But this is a time of reflection and preparation. You have a chance to address what has needed attention and possibly before it becomes a problem – or a bigger problem.

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Until October, the planet of luck, optimism, expansion, and generosity occupies Aries‘s passionate, go-getting sign. This offers a taste of what to expect during 2023 when Jupiter spends a year in Aries from December.

Whatever Aries represents in your horoscope chart is about to receive significant focus for the next five months. Jupiter in Aries is not about ‘sitting on the fence’ or deliberating.

It’s about action and making things happen. But with Jupiter Involved, the investment of effort and an intensified desire to do something in a bigger, bolder way go off the scale!

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The North Node represents where you’re meant to head during this lifetime. You and others in ethereal realms mapped out your life path before you arrived. So, the North Node acts as a signpost on your journey to help you remain on the right trajectory.

However, you won’t receive directions or instructions. But you will likely connect with something on the horizon that inspires you. So, if you feel drawn strongly toward a new interest, pursuit or goal, chances are, it’s connected with something you’re meant to achieve while you’re here!

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I wish you a successful, memorable week.

Until next week, take care, stay safe, and be happy.

Best wishes