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Jupiter Sextiles Pluto: Support for an important goal!

Published: Saturday, April 30th April 2022

Jupiter sextiles Pluto this week, heralding what could be the best possible cosmic support you could want for a particular aspiration.

This tremendous, supportive energy blends brilliantly with the helpful wave of change coming from the New Moon Solar Eclipse, too. What commences is more of a new era than a chapter!


This is the second of two New Moons in April. The first was in Aries, this one’s in Taurus. So, how this New Moon affects you depends on what Taurus represents in your horoscope chart.

However, a new chapter commences that will last until the end of October. It’s not uncommon for eclipses to bring intense, unwelcome energy and developments. Fortunately, this is a friendly, helpful and supportive eclipse.

Uranus’s involvement promises change. Mars wants to stir passion within you, help you feel more inspired and boost your motivation.

So, expect to feel invigorated and come up with a new, clever way to make progress with something important.

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Until May 28, the planet of love, comfort, and money glides through Aries’s passionate and determined sign.

Venus prefers cooperation and two-way relationships. However, in Aries, Venus pushes for more self-love. It’s time to put yourself and your needs and desires first. Try new things, and pay closer attention to what or who will truly satisfy you.

Venus in Aries reminds you to understand, love, and cherish yourself first before you can attract the best things into your life.

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Give honest thought to what you want to improve or move to ‘a higher level’. An ambition or a goal that fires you up receives tremendous cosmic support as Jupiter sextiles Pluto.

If you were unsure where to start or whether you had the staying power to see an aspiration to completion, these two could show you what some cosmic assistance can do!

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I wish you a successful, memorable week.

Until next week, take care, stay safe, and be happy.

Best wishes