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Love planet Venus is busy – what can you expect?

Published: Saturday, June 3rd June 2023

Love planet Venus is a great planet to be busy on our behalf! This week’s Venus/Pluto opposition won’t be the stuff fairytale romances are made of. But to have Venus enjoying an extra long stay in Leo, passions will be ignited, your “inner romantic” will emerge and your creativity might just go off the scale.


Mercury and Uranus connect in the grounded, sensual sign of Taurus. So, what Taurus represents in your horoscope chart will be affected most. Confirm that for free here.

This combo stimulates your thinking to make encounters and daily activities more exciting. Flashes of insight and breakthroughs arrive due to your increased open-mindedness.

Unexpected news could arrive but don’t jump to conclusions or take hasty, thoughtless action. You might also be keen to “shoot from the hip” or blurt out whatever comes to mind. So, apply a filter to your words or strengthen the connection between your head and mouth.


To say love and relationships experience intense pressure when these two get together is an understatement. Suspicions, jealousy, possessiveness or obsessiveness could rear their ugly heads.

If you’re single, you could fall head over heels for someone who couldn’t be more inappropriate for you – or anyone, for that matter. This individual may mistreat, use and abuse you, be violent, have criminal tendencies or a serious drug problem. But on the flipside and regardless of your relationship status, don’t seize an opportunity to control a weaker person, either.

A Relationship Deal Package reveals everything about the lover you are, need and your compatibility with someone. Get 3 personal reports at a 40% discount!


Love planet Venus enjoys an unusually long visit to the loud, proud and loyal sign of Leo. Until October 8, Venus brings a fantastic wave of positive energy to heal past wounds and help you take expressive or courageous steps.

Venus in Leo is an especially upbeat and vibrant time that brings fresh, positive energy to your relationships and reminds you that you’re entitled to fun and excitement in your life.

So, be prepared for fun flirtatious dates, outspoken declarations of love and possibly with an occasional drama thrown in. But big emotions will emerge, one way or another!

What does Venus in Leo mean for you? A Love Life Forecast confirms this and what’s in store for you romantically and intimately during the next 12 months!

I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, be safe and happy.

Best wishes