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Magic commences with a New Moon, Venus and Neptune…

Published: Saturday, March 13th March 2021

Magic is not only a strong possibility, it’s available in abundance this week.

But to tap into what’s on offer, open your mind and heart. It’s as if the universe wants proof that you’re open-minded toward a heartwarming or delightful development before offering it.

So, push aside cold logic, doubts or pessimism and see what happens!


To have a fresh start available in a particular area is fantastic. But to have love-and-comfort planet Venus and dreamy Neptune involved as well makes this event even more spectacular.

It’s time to make a wish – and also to be careful what you wish for. The universe intends to take your cosmic order very seriously!

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This day gets even better! Venus (love, money, creativity) connects powerfully with Neptune (dreams, imagination, fantasies). Regardless of your relationship status, love could form or become deeper.

This planetary combination intends to bring magic to your world, somehow, in some way. Your heart looks set to beat faster for a delightful reason. Anything you create could be extra-special, too.

What’s in store for you romantically and intimately? Your personal fantasies, passionate aspirations, and future are outlined in a Love & Passion Destiny report.


Until April 3, the planet of thinking and talking makes itself comfortable in Pisces.

Mercury immerses itself in a fantasy world for a change. Therefore, you could find logic and facts become much less interesting compared to the creative, imaginative visions and opportunities available to you.

It’s time to be guided by your imagination, specifically in whatever area Pisces represents for you.

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I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, be safe, and happy.

Best wishes