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Mars and Uranus: Change comes your way…

Published: Saturday, July 30th July 2022

Mars and Uranus connect in a way we’re unlikely to ignore or miss. Mars adds rocket fuel to Uranus’s keenness to bring a shift to your world. If you’ve delayed instigating a change yourself, these two could give you the nudge or push you need.


Thinking and communicating get serious now, possibly a bit too serious. Mercury wants to be upbeat, positive and buoyant. But Saturn’s Eyeore-like qualities could override this. Saturn doesn’t only see a proverbial glass as half full; it worries about the fact it’s half full!

So, try not to focus on potential downsides, what might go wrong or see the worst in any situation. Anything you insist on viewing negatively can be seen positively with one slight attitude adjustment.

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I’m sure you have at some point been poised at a starting line and bolted before you heard the word, ‘go,’ a whistle or pistol. This powerful blend of energies could cause you to be impetuous and possibly reckless with a desire to bring a change.

With both planets connecting in Taurus, the area of your horoscope chart Taurus represents will be most affected. You have a fantastic opportunity to inject spontaneity, do something differently and break a tired or tedious routine. However, Mars’s gung-ho attitude could cause problems if you don’t dial back impatience or irresponsible risk-taking.

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Ah, this connection is what we all want and need! The planet of love and tenderness links with the planet of passion and lust. So, you’re helped to feel sensual and sexy, which is bound to have a lovely knock-on effect to your confidence.

You could attract attention with less effort if you’re single and looking for love. If you need support, having your allure and charm boosted wonderfully could make receiving it surprisingly easy, too.

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I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, be safe and happy.

Best wishes