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Mars conjuncts Pluto: Embrace pleasure, avoid explosions!

Published: Saturday, February 10th February 2024

Mars conjuncts Pluto this week, which is probably the astrological event to keep an eye on. This potent energy needs to be reminded ‘who’s boss.’ These planetary rapscallions would love to create tension, disruption and chaos. But if you tell them to behave and that you want to harness their energy positively or pleasurably, it can happen!


Until March 22, passionate, make-things-happen Mars blazes through the future-looking, individualistic sign of Aquarius. You can confirm what Aquarius represents in your horoscope chart and how this will affect you here.

Mars in Aquarius urges us to be fearless champions of our beliefs. Aquarius may be cool and detached, but with Mars at its side, we become passionate advocates for justice and equality.

Innovative thinking reigns supreme. Conventional wisdom won’t cut it. It’s time to break free from norms, shatter boundaries and rewrite rules to forge a future that defies expectations.


Mars has only just arrived in Aquarius and forms an intense, potentially explosive connection with Pluto. How this affects you will depend on what Aquarius represents in your horoscope chart.

Ambition and drive will soar to new heights. However, this energy can fuel selfish tendencies and aggression, so it’s crucial to harness it positively.

If there’s an interest or a creative pastime you’re keen to pursue on your own, you could achieve remarkable results with it. But be kind and patient toward others. They may not possess the passionate drive and determination you do.

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Until March 11, the planet of love, comfort and money graces the sign of Aquarius. If you haven’t already confirmed what Aquarius represents in your horoscope chart, you can do that here.

While Venus is in Aquarius, the line between love and friendship becomes blurred. Aquarius represents sociability and groups. Therefore, if you’re looking for love, the likelihood of meeting a new lover through pals, besties or mutual friends while hitting the town increases significantly.

However, love will also have a stronger intellectual vibe, likely to feature more prominently than flowers, chocolates, and candlelit dinners.

And if you’re keen to come up with innovative ways to make or save money, Venus in Aquarius can help you!

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I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next time, take care, be safe and above all, happy.

Best wishes

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