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Mars enters Capricorn: Sweet success awaits!

Published: Saturday, January 22nd January 2022

Mars enters Capricorn this week. That’s significant where personal and professional achievements are concerned.

But this passionate energy coincides with a brainwave and forward thinking on offer from the Sun’s connection with Mercury. So, to say ambitious, innovative change is coming is an understatement!


The Sun connects with the planet of thought and chat in Aquarius. So, this brilliant communicative and interactive energy strongly influences what Aquarius represents in your horoscope chart.

But expect a new focus on thinking, communicating, heightened curiosity, and short-distance travel. Your diary could become fuller with appointments, meetings, social activity, and new information that needs processing or deciding.

Welcome a chance to share ideas, make plans, buy, sell, and negotiate. We might hear important news related to technology, communication, or social media, too.

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Make-things-happen Mars enters Capricorn,  the Zodac’s most determined, ambitious sign, until March 6. A tsunami of passionate energy is about to permeate whatever area of your horoscope chart Capricorn represents.

Mars joins Venus and Pluto, and this trio promises pleasing, powerful, and transformational developments. You’re about to become clearer regarding what or who you want, and failure won’t be an option you’ll consider!

Success awaits – but make sure you accept the difference between determination and obsessiveness.

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Mercury left Capricorn on January 2. It spent a couple of weeks winging its way through Aquarius and went backward on the 14th.

So, its retrograde move into Capricorn involves restoring focus or bringing closure to something it began in December.

All would be fine if it weren’t for the fact that Mercury and Pluto get very pally until February 14.

The planet of communication, intel, and news constantly connects with the planet of exposing secrets or anything concealed during this time. So, intense revelations and home truths await.

Where Pluto is involved, something must be released. But welcome whatever comes to light. It helps push you in an essential direction.

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I wish you a successful, memorable week.

Until next week, take care, stay safe, and be happy.

Best wishes