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Mars enters Leo: Turn up the fun factor!

Published: Saturday, May 20th May 2023

Mars enters Leo this week, so get ready for a surge of passionate energy! Mars will boost Leo-like qualities such as loyalty and generosity.

However, it’s a great time to tap into your creativity. Get out there and surprise yourself and others with what you create between now and July!


Until July 10, the planet of energy, passion, anger and competitiveness occupies Leo’s proud and dramatic sign.

It will feel like the heat has been turned up in whatever Leo represents in your horoscope chart. (You can confirm that for free here.) But Leo also represents expression and enjoyment. So, you’ll look more closely for the “fun factor” in everything you do.

Mars is the universe’s motivator. So, as Mars enters Leo, where you may have been an observer or waiting for the right time to take action, you could take a bold step that emotions add fuel to.

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Until June 21, the Sun illuminates Gemini’s curious and conversational sign.

The Gemini Sun sparks your curiosity about people and surroundings, helping you be open to new ideas and possibilities. It’s time to step back from feelings to observe the truth in what’s happening within and around you.

Gemini is a sign that strives to absorb as much knowledge as possible. So, you’re helped to stimulate your mind through thinking, reading, speaking, writing, learning and teaching. What does Gemini represent in your personal chart? Find out for free here.

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Something that has been pushed aside or ignored between you and someone looks set to be brought into the open with little or no effort on your part.

What emerges – and possibly unexpectedly – may not have you jumping with excitement. However, it will shine a necessary,  accurate light on a shared situation, putting you in a more knowledgeable and stronger position.

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I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, be safe and happy.

Best wishes