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Mars in Capricorn: Your passion brings success!

Published: Saturday, December 30th December 2023

Mars in Capricorn is a more helpful, supportive placement than it appears. On the one hand, we have the planet of impatience and make-it-happen-yesterday pushing for progress in a grounded, patient, slow-and-steady sign.

But you couldn’t want better cosmic support to bring an ambitious vision to fruition!


Since September, ginormous Jupiter has been grinding backwards in Taurus. Jupiter is the planet of luck, optimism, expansion, healing and prosperity.

What does Taurus represent in your horoscope chart? What area of your world has been affected by Jupiter’s backward motion? You can confirm both for free here.

However, in recent months, you may have sensed luck hasn’t been on your side. Reasons to feel positive diminished, or you struggled to summon the effort to learn, study or travel.

The biggest planet in our solar system won’t spring to life immediately. But you’ll soon view the future through a more optimistic lens. Jupiter’s connection with change-planet Uranus in April will also bring one heck of a powerful, positive change. So, remember that date!

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Since December 13, Mercury, the planet of thinking, chatting, travel and commerce has moved backwards in Sagittarius.

So, whatever Sagittarius represents in your horoscope chart has likely been subjected to delays, miscommunication and misunderstandings. (Again, you can confirm that for free here.)

Prepare for clarity to replace confusion!

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The planet of passion, aggression, action and competition occupies Capricorn until February 13. Neither Mars nor Capricorn are afraid to knuckle down to achieve success. (What does Capricorn represent in your chart, and how will Mars affect it? Confirm both here!)

However, Mars in Capricorn will push you to clarify goals and get down to business to make your ambitious visions real. Mars in Capricorn wants to ensure that your actions are deliberate and you harness valuable effort in the most sensible, productive ways. Your success relies on this!

I wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2024!

Best wishes

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