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Mars in Taurus: Financial gains, more guilty pleasures!

Published: Saturday, June 8th June 2024

Mars in Taurus will create tug of war scenarios at times. Much depends on what Taurus represents in your horoscope chart. However, there may be times when Mars will think he’s met his match! That saying about being ‘as stubborn as a bull’ relates to Taurus. But magic can happen when Mars in Taurus finds the sweet spot of balance between playing it safe and going full throttle with an idea or plan.


Until July 20, passionate, make-things-happen Mars ignites the sensual, solid sign of Taurus.

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Mars isn’t entirely at ease crashing on Taurus’s couch. Why? Because Mars is all ‘go-go-go,’ while Taurus prefers to go ‘slow, slow, slow.’

So, Mars might make getting plans or new projects underway feel like walking through treacle – at first. However, Taurean stubborn persistence will ensure you finish strong once you get rolling!

Also, during this period, money talks and we’ll be all ears! Mars in Taurus is the perfect time to explore ways to create or enhance an income.

But Mars also amps up energy to enjoy life’s finer things. One thing Mars and Taurus agree on is ‘working hard means playing hard.’ Prepare to let your hair down and indulge a bit more.

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This tense combo gives you superhero-level courage and cranks up your drive to win. But watch out! A fierce urge for control can spark epic power struggles. Expect classic control-freak, domineering energy – coming FROM you or aimed AT you.

So, aim high, but play nice! Steer clear of jealousy and shady moves. Be assertive without being a bulldozer, especially with bosses or authority figures.

Don’t waste time making enemies when epic victories beg for your attention!

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I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, be safe and happy.

Best wishes

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