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Mercury and Mars: Barbed banter, sparks will fly

Published: Saturday, January 27th January 2024

Mercury and Mars have an agenda where communication is concerned. Mercury wants communication lines widened as much as possible. But Mars is a bully, demanding that the tone and vibe of any exchange match its standards. Often, that means confrontational or aggressive. However, you can decide whether this passionate energy becomes unpleasant or pleasurable.


Mercury, the planet of thinking and chatting, gets extra close to mighty, passionate Mars in the sign of Capricorn. Confirm for free what Capricorn represents in your horoscope chart and which area of your world this potent pairing affects.

Conversations or exchanges could become barbed, heated, aggressive or confrontational. But whatever occurs is manageable and will likely be brief.

However, on a more exciting level, this combo urges you to take serious note of insights, information or revelations that arrive. These are powerful clues, like movie trailers, giving you glimpses into what’s unfolding or the direction certain circumstances are heading.

Mercury brings the intel; Mars waits for you to tell it where to aim its supportive, make-things-happen energy.

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The planet of surprises, shocks and change moved backwards in Taurus in August. So, while Uranus has been sleeping, you’ve had a chance to assess changes you’ve wanted to introduce. As Uranus moves forward, your wish is its command! What does Taurus represent for you? Confirm that here.


Mars and Uranus want you to toss caution to the wind, unleash your inner maverick and free yourself from the shackles of mundane predictability.

Anything remotely monotonous won’t get a look-in now. Mars and Uranus are handing you a VIP pass to an Adventure Gala, and trust me, it’s only for the fabulously daring! See what an injection of spontaneity and a willingness to do something different bring you.

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I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, be safe and, above all, happy.

Best wishes

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