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Mercury Conjuncts Chiron: Emotional healing where you need it

Published: Saturday, April 13th April 2024

Mercury conjuncts Chiron this week. Chiron The Wounded Healer might be a small comet, but it holds its own against other planets in terms of importance and influence. And anyone who says they don’t have any emotional healing to address is probably most in need of Chiron’s support!


Mercury – retrograde – connects with Chiron, a small but potent comet that represents healing, particularly of emotional wounds.

These two meet in Aries. Therefore, it will be the area Aries represents in your horoscope chart that is affected. You can confirm that for free here.

This is the second of three times Mercury and Chiron connect. Mercury gets a lot of flak when it moves backwards because of the disruption and confusion it causes. But one big plus point of Mercury moving backwards is introspection.

We’re more willing and able to ponder, reflect, think deeply and plan. Mercury’s link with Chiron means you have a superb opportunity to look inward at emotional wounds you sustained during your lifetime. You’re helped to dig deeper into the root causes of these. (Chances are, you have several!)

Perhaps you’ve never taken the time to assess deeply what or who hurt you and why. Your way of dealing with what occurred may have involved going to unnecessary lengths to avoid putting yourself in similar circumstances again.

But this Mercury/Chiron connection can help you face fears and rise above them. Gaining a clearer understanding promises to make you stronger should something similar ever happen again.

A personal Karma & Healing Destiny report reveals much about your past lives and where emotional healing may be needed. Get yours here – or view a sample!


Until May 20, the powerful Sun illuminates the sensual, creative sign of Taurus. If you don’t know what Taurus represents in your horoscope chart, you can confirm that for free here.

Get ready to indulge in serious pleasure-seeking! Taurus vibes are all about slowing down, creating stability and tapping into our practical qualities.

However, with Venus calling the shots for Taurus, love, beauty and abundance are never far behind while the Sun is in Taurus. Think of it as a springtime awakening, when the senses come alive, and we’re drawn to all things delightful to our eyes, hands and taste buds.

If you’re a creative so-and-so wanting to launch or showcase a project or a creation you’re proud of, the coming weeks support you brilliantly!

Would you like a free, personal guide to the best days for love to form or flourish? Get yours instantly by email here!

I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, be safe, and happy.

Best wishes

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