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Mercury Retrograde: Not Just Messaging Mayhem…

Published: Saturday, March 30th March 2024

Mercury retrograde gets a bad rap. The smallest planet in our solar system is only doing its job, after all! Mercury’s case isn’t strengthened by the fact that it does seem to have a lengthy list of reasons why we should fear and resent the planet of communication’s illusionary backward move.

But the positive points are powerful. Mercury retrograde wants us to slow down, develop a new way of thinking, and rework whatever is not going our way. Panic Mode really is optional!


The moustache-twirling villain in old silent films returns! Until April 25, the planet of thinking, chatting, texting, travel, and commerce makes the first of three backward journeys during 2024.

Because this one’s in Aries, Mercury’s influence depends on what Aries represents in your horoscope chart. You can confirm that for free here.

However, generally, when Mercury moves backwards:

– we struggle to make sense of what’s normally straightforward
– words that emerge are different from what we intended
– we send texts and emails we wish we hadn’t
– deliveries go astray
– computers and phones crash, we lose data
– travel plans are disrupted

But is that a faint glimmer of hope in the distance? Are you close to a long-awaited breakthrough? The answer to both questions is yes. While Mercury moves backwards, you can prepare for what’s coming or changing, so by the end of April to mid-May, you’re ready for it!

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Until April 29, Venus graces Aries’ fiery sign. It will be impossible to ignore or deny desires during this time!

Venus thrives on collaboration and two-way relationships. However, in Aries, Venus encourages self-love. So, it’s time to assess your emotional or intimate needs and be honest with yourself about what – or who – will make you happy.

(Confirm here what Aries represents in your horoscope chart and how Venus will affect it!)

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I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, be safe and happy.

Best wishes

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