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Mercury Trines Jupiter: Do only fairytale characters live “happily ever after”?

Published: Saturday, August 5th August 2023

As Mercury trines Jupiter, thought and communication processes are inflated, exaggerated or seem larger than life.

But Jupiter brings reasons to feel upbeat and optimistic about an idea, plan or the result of a conversation or exchange. So, proceed with the knowledge that the universe wants to help bring a positive outcome.


Something needs to be “broken down” and “rebuilt” somehow. However, focus on how much better a situation or an arrangement will be from doing this.

Focus on what you know is uncertain or unstable. It can be fixed if you’re willing to accept that a change will involve a new beginning and as much effort as is necessary to start afresh.

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So, you say you want a revolution?

Actually, you’re more likely to create a “mini-revolution”, particularly where you’ve been restricted and held back for too long. You’re likely aware of what has become unacceptable within a situation or an arrangement.

However, you have a chance to do two things. The first involves expressing yourself as an urge to rebel intensifies. The second surrounds re-evaluating what appears uncomfortable, awkward or not to make sense. Once done, you’ll bring a change you’ve long wanted.

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Fairytale characters tend to live “happily ever after.” Whether or not they did is something we will never know. All that we know is something awkward or tense ended, and something better began.

If you do not yet see evidence that life is becoming sweeter, you will soon. Positive, encouraging news is on its way. This can help you strike a deal or reach an agreement that has needed discussion for some time.

All you need to do is be receptive to a new era commencing – and the change accompanying it!

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I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, be safe and happy.

Best wishes