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New Moon in Aries: Cross a line, seize a chance!

Published: Saturday, March 26th March 2022

A New Moon in Aries offers a far-reaching fresh start or new chapter regarding an important ambition. So, see what a bit of effort brings. Dare to do something differently. Heed the part of you that urges you to take a bold step.

Above all, remember that action always causes a reaction – and the universe always rewards proactivity eventually!


Mercury, the planet of thinking in chatting, is known by the company it keeps. Since March 9, it has glided through the imaginative and dreamy sign of Pisces. Mercury has also been hanging out and interacting with Jupiter and Neptune.

This trio has helped you come up with inspired plans underpinned with justified optimism, particularly in the area Pisces represents in your horoscope chart.

Until April 10, Mercury moves through the passionate, make-things-happen sign of Aries. So, it’s time for your imaginative, faith-driven vision (or visions) to receive a boost of proactivity and effort!

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Venus, the planet of love, light-heartedness, and luxury, connects with Saturn, the planet of realism, practicality, and lessons. Both reside in Aquarius, so the influence will be strongest with whatever Aquarius represents in your horoscope chart.

This planetary combination is like a child (Venus) pleading to be allowed to do something fun with a parent who is weary from saying ‘no’ (Saturn).

Of course, the parent has valid and sensible reasons for imposing a restriction. But the child doesn’t see it that way. To them, the parent is unhelpful, obstructive, and short-sighted.

Don’t be surprised if you experience an unwelcome obstacle to your pursuit of happiness or pleasure. That doesn’t mean you can’t make progress in time. But you may need to understand and accept what needs to be thought through a little bit more first.

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Aries hates fence-sitting and procrastinating. If an idea or a plan creates even a tiny spark of inspiration, then it needs immediate action and to be pursued with gusto.

That’s why it’s important to make full use of this annual lunar event. It needs instruction from you.

What idea or vision do you sense stands a chance of success with the right level of faith-driven effort? What have you thought about doing on your To-Do List or Bucket List for long enough?

The line between thinking and taking action can be easier to step across now, so seize your chance!

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I wish you a successful, memorable week.

Until next week, take care, stay safe, and be happy.

Best wishes