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New Moon in Aries: Take a chance!

Published: Saturday, March 18th March 2023

A New Moon in Aries could provide the motivation or kick up the backside we need. The fresh start or new beginning it offers is similar to hearing the words, “well, don’t just sit there, get moving.” If you know you’ve thought long enough about doing something, action could replace thoughts this week.


Mercury, the planet of thinking and chatting, is known by the company it keeps. Since March 2, it has glided through the imaginative and dreamy sign of Pisces.

Until April 3, Mercury moves through the passionate, make-things-happen sign of Aries. So, it’s time for your imaginative, faith-driven vision (or visions) to receive a boost of proactivity and effort!


It’s that time of year when days and nights are balanced regardless of where you live.

Until April 20, the Sun works its way through Aries’s passionate, ambitious sign. This marks the beginning of the new astrological year. But it also allows you to identify what could benefit from an injection of passion and ambition in your world.

Aries is a sign of boldness and drive. So, while the Sun fires up Aries, you’re blessed with an increase in both. The area of your horoscope chart Aries represents benefits most from both, too.

Until April 20, you’re reminded that “who dares wins,” and fortune looks positively on the brave!

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Aries hates fence-sitting and procrastinating. If an idea or a plan creates even a tiny spark of inspiration, it needs immediate action and to be pursued with impressive gusto.

That’s why it’s important to make full use of this annual lunar event. It waits for instruction from you!

What idea or vision stands a chance of success with enough faith-driven effort? What on your Bucket List is achievable now, not twenty years from now?

The line between thinking and taking action will be easier to step across. So, seize your chance!

Facing a tricky decision with two possible outcomes? A free 3-card Tarot Reading can help you take a reassuring step!

I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, be safe and happy.

Best wishes