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New Moon in Cancer: Supercharged Emotions

Published: Saturday, June 29th June 2024

A New Moon in Cancer is just what we need if we want to boost our levels of nurturing and traditionalism in our lives. Generally, the Moon represents, among many things, sentimentality. But whatever area Cancer represents in your horoscope chart, this week’s New Moon will involve looking backwards to the past, possibly for an answer.

You’ll also apply more focus on your home and family, or whatever and whoever you refer to as your home and family.


Neptune, the dreamy ruler of Pisces, is all about imagination and spirituality. As Neptune moves backwards until December 7, expect confusion and uncertainty in the area Pisces represents in your horoscope chart. You can confirm that for free here.

Clear insights will be difficult to find or receive. So, try to stay grounded and practical. Some things really may not be as they appear (or sound) during this time.

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The New Moon in Cancer is here, the wildest ride of all lunar phases. Emotions are about to get supercharged! So, buckle up and prepare for a cosmic tidal wave.

This New Moon brings a fresh start and clean slate to the area Cancer represents in your horoscope chart. Confirm that for free here.

I’ve outlined below how the New Moon in Cancer will affect each Sun or Rising Sign.


The New Moon in Cancer targets your home turf. Shake up your living space or transform family dynamics. Succumb to a deeper urge to love and nurture your inner circle.


It’s time to shine in your hood! Reconnect with your squad, neighbours and siblings. Short trips and becoming more familiar with your local vicinity await. Don’t dip your toe in – dive headfirst!


It’s time to craft a money plan that mirrors your true values. Align your spending with what makes your heart tick and your soul sing and watch your wealth multiply!


Okay, this is your supercharged moment! You are truly in the spotlight, so set goals, launch projects or revamp your look. This is your personal revolution, Cancer – own it and strut your stuff!


It’s time to retreat into your lair. Focus on self-care, meditation and inner healing. Tackle those hidden scars and welcome a new liberating phase waiting to commence. Recharge and rise, mighty Lion!


Get ready to dazzle your social circle! Join new groups, party hard and rekindle old friendships. Set goals for your social life that push boundaries and make headlines. Connect and conquer!


The spotlight is on your career and public life. This New Moon is your green light for bold career moves and power plays. So, aim high, grab opportunities and bring ambitious visions to fruition like a true icon and badass.


Your mission: explore new horizons. Whether it’s hitting the books, jet-setting or diving into fresh philosophies, expand your mind and world. Be receptive to new experiences that can transform you because they await.


Get ready to dive deep into the realms of intimacy and transformation. Tackle shared financial issues, embark on a psychological or spiritual journey and emerge reborn. This phase is all about profound inner change – seize it!


You’re helped to focus on one-to-one connections, start new relationships or rekindle an old flame. Whether it’s in business or romance, open your heart, embrace the power of two and watch the magic unfold!


Your health and daily grind are in the spotlight. Kickstart new health routines, bring structure to your life and get more productive in the workplace. Small tweaks will lead to massive payoffs.


The New Moon shines on your awesome creativity. So, start fresh projects, explore new hobbies and indulge in activities that spark joy. It’s also a stellar time for romance and pure, unadulterated fun!

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I wish you a successful and memorable week.

Until next week, take care, be safe and happy.

Best wishes

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